Okuma Multus B200WII – 2012

Okuma Multus B200WII for sale – Used CNC Okuma Lathe for sale
Multi-Axis Lathe

Standard Specifications:
Swing over carriage 23.62 in.
Max turning diameter 23.62 in.
Spindle Bore 3.15”
X-axis travel 19.69 in.
Z-axis travel (750 mm bed) 31.49 in.
Y-axis travel +3.15/-3.15 in.
W-axis travel 31.89 in.
(main and sub)
Control angle 0.001 Degree
Range 360 Degree
B-axis Index angle 0.001
29.53” max distance between centers
15/10hp VAC, integral main motor-spindle (L&R)
50 – 6,000min-1 140 mm flat spindle nose (L&R)
Integral C-axis w/disk brake (L&R)
H1 L-M turret w/ 0.001° step 225 deg. B-axis
H1 spindle taper HSK63
H1 spindle range 50 – 12,000min-1
H1 16.2/10.8 hp VAC mill motor (5min/cont)
Y-axis +3.15 inch / – 3.15 inch travel
40 Station ATC magazine
Max tool length 7.87”; max wt.: 8.8 lb.
Max M tool dia: 3.54” (5.12” wo adjacent tool)
1,575 / 1024 / 787 ipm; X&Z/Y/W rapid traverse

OSP  P300S Control
60 ATC
Cooljet High Pressure Coolant System
Oil Chiller
Chip Conveyor
Auto DTS Parts Handling System
Drawtube has been removed to Use Full Bore Diameter
Flex-E-On Air Collet Chucks (FX835)