Okuma Multus B400W (2011)

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Okuma Multus B400W for sale

Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):


MP System High Pressure Coolant RF8 1000 PSI, 8 GPM High Pressure Coolant System

Sub Spindle


Spare M-Codes 2 Sets

Rapid Traverse Override Switch

Var Spin Spd Thread-Main or 2nd

Auto Gauging Ren RMP60 CAPTOc^

40 Tool ATC

Touchsetter A

Steady Rest Full Prep LNS K4 (Does Not Include Steady Rest)

Negative Tool Radius Comp

Z-Axis Auto Zero Offset Funct

High Pres Cool Prep

Coolant Level Check

Thru Spindle Coolant Type B

Big Bore Main A2-11

Big Bore Sub A2-11

Chip Conveyor, Hinge

Z-Axis Auto Zero Offset Funct

Y-Axis Gauging


Main Chuck:  15” Kitagawa B-15

Sub Spindle Chuck 15” Kitagawa B-15