Okuma Multus U4000 2SW/1500 – 2019

Okuma Multus U4000 2SW/1500 MultiTasking CNC Lathe

Swing Over Saddle: 25.6″ Upper, 12.6″ Lower
Distance Between Centers: 59″
Max. Machining Diameter: 25.6″ Upper, 12.6″ Lower
Max. Machining Length: 59″
X Axis: 27.3″ Upper, 9.2″ Lower
Y Axis: +/- 11.8″
Z Axis: 62″ Upper, 60″ Lower
W Axis: 60″
B-Axis: -30 to +210/.001 Min. Angle
C-Axis: .001 degree
Spindle Speed: 3800 RPM
Spindle Nose: A2-8
Spindle Bore: 3.15″
Turret Type: H1 Upper, V12 Lower
Number of Tools: L/M 1 Upper, 12 Lower
Milling Tool Spindle Speed: 50-12000 RPM Upper
Feed Rates (X,Y,Z) Upper: 1968,1574,1968 IPM
Feed Rates (X,Z) Lower: 984,1574 IPM
Feed Rates (W): 1181 IPM
Tailstock Taper Bore: MT No 5
Tool Shank: 80 Capto 6
Tool Capacity: 40
Main Spindle Motor: 30 HP
Opposing Spindle Motor: 30 HP
Milling Tool Spindle Motor: 33 HP
Machine Height: 119″
Floor Space: 213″ X 121″
Utilization: 1738 hours

Equipped with:

OSP P300SA CNC Control
Big Bore W/Cyl F2596/DTUBE – MAIN
Auto Gauging Renishaw RMP600 Capto C6 Auto Door with Dual Cycle Start
C-Axis Synchronize Function
Conveyor, Hinge/Filter 1500BCD Ext.Common Variables 1000 Sets Gauging Datt
Hydraulic Oil Temp Regulator
Lathe Tool Index FNCT-Mult Negative Tool Radius Comp
Spare M-Codess 8 Sets
Touchsetter A For 2SS
Y-Axis Gauging
C-Axis Auto Zero Off(L OR R)
Feed Hold During Threading
Helical Cutting For X-C-Z
Inverse Time Function
Off Center Turning Function
Thread Start Point Offset
Variable Spindle Speed Threading
Prep For Mist 6 Std Lathe
Shower Coolant Niagara B Type Renishaw Plus Software / Gui Lathe Step Stoe
MP Systems High Pressure Coolant System
MP Systems Mist Collection System
Kitagawa 15″ 3-Jaw Chuck Package – Main
Kitagawa 12″ 3-Jaw Chuck Package – Sub

*** Less than 1500 hours of use ***