Okuma VTM-200YB – 2011

Okuma VTM200YB CNC Vertical Boring Mill with live Milling and tilting spindle

Manufacturer: Okuma
Control system: OSP P-200 L (Windows based)
Year of manufacture: 2011
Power: 33 kW
Speed: 200 rpm
Speed ranges: 2
X-axis: 1,600 mm
Z-axis: 1 200 mm
Turning length: 1,200 mm
Swing diameter: 2,400 mm
Workpiece: 8,000 kg max weight
ATC, pos: 36
Kona: BT 50 Big Plus
Max length: 500 mm
Max diameter: 170 mm
Max weight: 30 kg
Milling spindle BT50 4,500 rpm
2 speed ranges 15 kW
Spindle tilt
Machine Size
L x W x H: 5.6 x 5.3 x 4.6 m
Weight: 68,000 lbs.
30 BT50 tools included
Maximum piece vault Ø 2,400 mm
Turning diameter max. Ø 2,000 mm
length max. workable 1,200mm
X axis 1,600mm
Y axis 1,200mm
C axis 360°
B axis tilt spindle horizontal to vertical
Fast forwards XY 16 m/min – C 10 m/min
Spindle speed 200 rpm
Spindle power 30/22 kW
Spindle nose Ø 380 mm flat
Tool turret 36 positions
Tool attachment BT 50
Accessories Chip conveyor

The Okuma VTM series is a three-axis vertical lathe that combines the advantages of a vertical lathe with the assets of machining centers. A magazine with 36 tools with a cone 50, allows the VTM series to carry out turning and milling on one platform at the same time. The machines are ideal for efficient production of parts in small quantities, including valve bodies and heavy milling operations. The Okuma & Howa cube-shaped design and wide sloping slide bearings on each axis ensure high rigidity for accurate machining. A balanced vertical axis ensures smooth, stable feeds at any speed. The headstock is attached to the body, minimizing the effects of temperature and vibration changes on the accuracy of the machining. The VTM series is available with a wide range of standard accessories, including spindle orientation function.


78″ Table
c-axis table positioning
Tilting Horizontal/vertical spindle live milling
50 taper
36 position tool Changer
94″ swing
47.25 turning height
OSP200 CNC Control
Just released from Aerospace plant
Data Card CNC Options
touch sensor
c zero offset
y gauging
optical sensor
Hi G Control
B-axis co,p
pitch error comp
nc turret
plane conversion
profile generation
synchronized tapping
helical cutting
slant cutting
turret position comp
96 tool offsets
tool life management
tool wear comp
Home position
spin fluctuate
nc torque limit
GM code MCRO
Center comp
I/M switch
cycle time calc
multiple machine
c-axis PT error comp
Nose-R 2B
User Task 2
Exp auto chamfer
NC work counter
NC work monitor
cycle time check
Mac Man
Hi Turret
programming help
spindle orientation
M-axis orientation
servo link NC
servo link spindle
3D Animation
spindle max IL
Custom API
Axis active stop
var lost motion