Romi C420 – 2007

ROMI C420 Flat-Bed CNC Lathe
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Center height 8.46”
Distance between centers 39.37
Swing over bed 16.92”
Swing over cross slide 7.87”
Swing over saddle wings 15.74”
Travel (X axis) 8.66”
Travel (Z Axis 41.92”
Width 12”
Height 13.77”
Spindle nose A2-5″
Spindle hole diameter 2.08”
Speed range 4-4,000
Rapid traverse (Z axis) 393 IPM
Rapid traverse (X axis) 393 IPM
Manual Tailstock
Body positioning manual
Quill drive manual
Maximum quill stroke 4.72”
Quill diameter 2.36”
Quill taper hole MT 4
nstalled Power
AC Main motor (30 min) 10 HP
Total installed power kVA 15
Floor Space Required (front x side) (*)
1.0 m between centers m (in) 3.10 x 1.24 (122.04 x 48.82)
Net weight (approx.)
1.0 m between centers kg (lbs) 2,500 (5,511.55)
Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):
Siemens 802D CNC Control
8” 3-Jaw Manual Chuck
Extra OP2 Jaws
CXA Quick Change Tool Post
All Available Tooling and Manuals