SMW 12.65 Spacesaver Autoload Barfeed

SMW (Sameca) MUZ 12.65 Spacesaver Autoload Barfeeder for sale
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
This magazine bar feed has been designed to fit all types of automatic lathes. The bar stock length is determined by the
machine headstock length.
SMW bar feed was designed for machining round bars, square, hexagonal or profile of different sections. To machine
square, hexagonal or profile bars, the lathe must be equipped with a spindle orientation device.
Compact design utilizes a limited floor space

Technical Characteristics:
Range of utilization:
Round Bars diameter: 12 to 65 mm (.47” to 2.5”)
Hexagonal bars stock a/f: 13 to 56 mm
Square bars stock a/f: 10 to 46 mm

Length of bar stock: Length is limited to the total length of the spindle

Capacity of material rack:
13 bars stock – 65 mm diameter
22 bars stock – 40 mm diameter
35 bars stock – 25 mm diameter

Guiding technology: Bar guided in the spindle with spindle liner

Speed rotation: According to the possibilities of the lathe

Material advancement: By pneumatic pusher, adjustable feeding speed

Straightness of bar stock: No specific recommendations
Bar stock preparation: No bar end pointing required, a deburr is enough
Time of automatic reload cycle: Approximately 30 seconds
Set-up time: About 2 minutes to go from one diameter to another + spindle liner change
Adaption: On all CNC lathes
Electrical equipment:
PLC driven by 24VDC
Power supply 200-575 V 50/60Hz Max 2 amp
Electrical cabinet according to VDE norms

Compressed air connections:
4 to 10 bars: the magazine bar feed is equipped with a pressure regulator and an air dryer/oiler device

Approximate weight: 885 lbs

Note: **Comes with interface for machine (**This must be confirmed by buyer) / Currently running on a Mazak 15SQTMS