Stama MC533 5-Axis – 2014

Stama MC533 5-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Swivel Bridge with 1 Torque C-Axis
Technical data:
> Bridge-Length 1440 mm
> Table diameter: **400 mm
> Table pos. – Single: Centrical to middle of bridge
> Tilting angle 360 degree
> Repetition accuracy rotary ± 5 sec.
> C-Axis: Water cooled and temperature controlled
> Table speed rotary 100 rpm
> Torque (tables locked) 1090 Nm
> Peak torque 850 Nm
> Transport load (workpiece + fixture) max. 300 kg

X axis 640 mm
Y axis 400 mm
Z axis 400 mm
Feed Thrust
X-Y axis 7000 N
Z axis 12000 N

Traverse Rates
Rapid traverse X-Y- and Z-axis 60 m/min.
Feed rate in X-Y- and Z-axis 1-10000 mm/min
Axis dynamics: (m/sek2) max. X=5; Y=8; Z=12

Motor spindle for hollow taper shank A63
according to DIN 69893
Incl. automatic blowing facility for process safety
taper cleaning during tool change.
Retention force 18000 N
Spindle speed up to 12000 rpm
Bearing diameter 70mm
Torque constant up to
> 3700 rpm: 60 Nm at 100% continuous duty
> 2600 rpm: 115 Nm at 20% continuous duty
Driving power over
> 3700 rpm: 23,2 kW at 100% continuous duty
> 2600 rpm: 31,3 kW at 20% continuous duty

Fix Tool Magazine 72 Tools
Tool magazine integrated in the machine base frame
> Automatically chain tightening system for a constant
chain tension
> Buffer station for constant short chip to chip times
Tool diameter maximum:
> All places used ø 88 mm
> With empty adjacent tool place ø 160 mm
> Tool length max. 300 mm
> Tool register DIN 69893 HSK A63
> Tool weight max. 5 kg
> Chip-to-chip time approx. 2,9 sec.

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Siemens 840D (Solution Line) Control
400 mm Table
HSK-A63 Spindle
12,000 RPM
72 ATC
Machine Bed Made of Polymer Concrete
Screw conveyor for Swarf Evacuation
Swivel Bridge with 1 Torque C-Axis
Zero Clamping System for NCC 500
Counter Support NC-Axis Torque 360
Direct Measuring System of X-Axis
Direct Measuring System of Y-Axis
Coolant Filtration Paper (350 l/min)
High Pressure Coolant Package 70 bar
Measuring device TS27R
Probe Unit Preparation
Master Cube incl. Mounting Elements
Remote Diagnosis via Internet (SIEMENS)