Star SB-20 type E – 2012

Star SB20 CNC Swiss-Type Lathe
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Max Machining Diameter 20mm (.787”)
Max Headstock Storke Stationary GB 183mm (7-13/64”)
Max Headstock Stroke Revolving GB 155mm (6-3/32”)
Tool 6 Tools
4 Spindle Sleeve Holder
No. of Tools Front 4 Tools
Rear 2 Tools
Max Drilling Capability 10mm
Max Tapping Capability M8xP1.25

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Fanuc Series Oi-TD
Main Collet
Sub Collet
Main Spindle C-Axis
Sub Spindle C-Axis Control
Sub Spindle Clamp Unit
6-Station Tool Holder
3 Spindle Cross Drilling Unit
4 Spindle Sleeve Holder
Back 4-Spindle Unit
Drive Unit for Revolving Guide Bush
Revolving Guide Bush Unit
Air Purge for Revolving Guide Bush
Sub Spindle Air Purge
Sub Spindle Air Blow
Parts Ejection Detector
Broken Cutoff Tool Detector
Edge Technologies Minuteman 320 SE 12’ Barfeed
Chip Conveyor
Parts Exit Conveyor