Star SR-20R – 2005

Star SR20R CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Max. Turning Diameter.79”
Max. Headstock Stroke Standard / w/Gripping Unit8”  /  7.7”
Max. Drilling Capability.39” Station Tool / .31” Power-Driven Tool
Max. Tapping CapabilityM8 x P1.25 Stationary Tool / M6 x P1.0 Power-Driven Tool
Max. Milling Capability.39”
Max. Die Cutting CapabilityM8 x P1.25
Max. Slotting CapabilityWidth .06” x Depth .16” for one cutter
Main Spindle Motor / Speed3.7 Kw / 10,000min -1
Main Spindle Min. Indexing Angle0.01 Degree
Number of Tools6 Turning, 4-end Working, 4-Cross Working
Power-Driven Tool Spindle Speed / MotorMax. 8000 min -1   /  .9 kw
Dimension87” x 42” x 67”
  Backworking Specifications:
Max Chucking Diameter.79”
Max Length for Front Ejection3.15”
Max Parts Projection Length1.18”
4-Spindle Unit for Backworking No. of Tools4
4-Spindle Unit for Backworking Max Drill Capability.31” Stationary / .2” Power Driven
4-Spindle Unit for Backworking Max Tap CapabilityM8 x P1.25 Stationary
4-Spindle Unit for Backworking Max Mill Capability.2”
Sub Spindle Motor / Speed2.2 kw / 8000 min -1
Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):
Fanuc CNC Control