Star SR-32J III Type B – 2022

Star SR32JIII Type B CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Machine composition:
● Main spindle
● Sub spindle
● Gang type Tool post
 Cartridge-type 5-spindle cross drilling unit
 Cartridge-type 6-spindle cross drilling unit
 6-spindle type cross drilling unit
● Backworking 8-spindle unit with Y-axis control
Max. machining diameter φ32mm(1-1/4in)
Max. headstock stroke
Standard 320mm(12-19/32in)
R.M.G.B. type 286.5mm(11-9/32in)
N.G.B. type Bar diameter×2.5(Max.80mm)(Max.3-5/32in)
Number of Tools 6 Tools
Tool Shank 16mm
5-Spindle sleeve holder
Number of Tools Front 5 tools
Rear 5 tools
Max. drilling capability φ13mm(33/64in)
Max. tapping capability M12×P1.75
Power Driven Attachment
Number of Tools Cross milling 3 tools(ER20)+Cartridge type 2 positions
Cross milling 4 tools(ER16)+Cartridge type 2 positions
Cross milling 6 tools(ER16)
Max. drilling capability φ10mm(25/64in)
Max. tapping capability M8×P1.25
Spindle Speed Cross milling:Max.6,000min-1
Cartridge-type tool:Max.8,000min-1
Backworking Attachment Specifications
Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):
CNC unit FANUC 32i-B
Chip Conveyor
Parts conveyor
FMB Turbo 3-38 12’ Barfeeder
Long Pusher Kit
Axial Shift Device for Chucker Stroke
Mist Collector