Star SV-20 – 2010

Star SV20 CNC Swiss-Type Lathe
General Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Max Turning Diameter:                       20mm (25/32″)
Headstock Stroke:                            205 mm (8”)
Tool Post Configuration Gang Type: Tool + Power Driven Attachment
Turret Type: 8 Face
No. of Tools Gang Type:  5 Tools
Turret Type:  1 Tools/1 Face:  **Optional
No. of Tools Max 3 Tools/1 Face:  **Optional
Max Drilling Capacity 14mm
Max Tapping Capacity M10 x P1.5
Max Die Cutting Capacity M10 x P1.5
Power Driven Attachment
No. of Tools Gang:  3 Tools :  **Optional
Turret:  Max 2 Tools/1 Face**Optional
Max Drilling Capacity Gang: 8mm
Turret: 8mm
Max Tapping Capacity Gang: M6xP1.0
Turret: M6xP1.0
Max Milling Capacity 10mm
Max Slotting Capacity 2mm (W) x 6mm (D)
Main Spindle Indexing C-Axis Control
Main Spindle Rotation Speed Max. 10,000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor:                          3.7Kw (cont)/5.5kw (30 min) main (5/7.5 HP)
Power Driven Attachemmnt Gang: 6000 RPM
Turret: 5750 RPM
Power Driven Attach Drive Motor Gang: .5 kw
Turret: 3 HP
Dimensions W x D x H 105” x 54” x 66”
Weight 7500 lbs
Backworking Attachment:
 Max. Chucking Cap.:                        20mm (25/32″)
 Drilling Capacity:                         3/8″
 Tapping Capacity:                          M8 x P1.25
 Spindle Speeds:                            500 – 10,000 rpm
 Sub-spindle motor:                         2.2Kw(continuous)/3.7Kw(15min)
Dimensions (approx):                        104″l x 55″w x 66″h
Weight (approx):                            7,500 lbs.
Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):
Fanuc Series 16i-TB??
12’ LNS Hydrobar Express 332 Barfeeder
High Pressure Pump
Mist Collector
Chip Conveyor