Swistek AB42 Swiss-Type Lathe – 2010

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Swistek AB42 CNC Swiss-Type Lathe
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):

Max Turning Diameter of Main Spindle 42mm / 1-5/8”
Max Turning Diameter of Sub Spindle 42mm / 1-5/8”
Max Turning Length 220mm / 8.66”
Max Drilling Capacity of Main Spindle 13mm / .512”
Max Drilling Capacity of Sub Spindle 13mm / .512”
Max Tapping Capacity of Main Spindle M10
Max Tapping Capacity of Sub Spindle M10
Max Cross Drilling Capacity 13mm / .512”
Max Side Tapping Capacity M10
No. of Tools (OD) 6 x (16×16), 5 x (20×20)
No. of Tools ID 5 (ER20)
No. of Live Cross Tools (Main Spindle) 5 (ER20)
Number of Face Tools Holders (Sub Spindle) 4 (12)
Total number of Controlled Axis 7
Total Number of Tool Positions 24
Size of Tool mm 16 x 16 x 95 or 20 x 20 x 95
Bore of Spindle 45mm / 1.77”
Spindle Speed Range 200 – 7000 RIPM
Main Spindle Motor 10HP
Sub Spindle Motor 10HP
Side Drilling Motor 2HP
End Drilling Motor 1HP
Machine Dimensions 90” x 58” x 74”
Machine Weight 8,850 lbs

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Fanuc Series 32i-Model A
Removable Guide Bushing
Rotary Guide Bushing
C-Axis Main and Sub Spindle
External Tool Holder Stations (6-Tool)
Internal Tool Holder (5-Tool)
Cross Drilling Tool Holder (4-Tool)
Sub Spindle
4 Position Rotary Tool Holder for Sub Spndle
Chip Conveyor
Part Conveyor
Mist Buster