Tesa Visio 300 (06830200) – 2008

Tesa Visio 300 (06830200)
Measuring Unit
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Video machine TESA-VISIO 300
Machine version Manual
Measuring spans X/Y (in mm) 300 x 200
Measuring span Z (in mm) 150
X/Y-Accuracy at 20°C 3+10•L/1000
Z-Accuracy at 20°C 3+2•L/100*
Encoder resolution (X/Y/Z) 0,05 µm
Max. perm. load (in the middle of the stage) 16 kg
Size (monitor and PC not included) (LxHxP in mm) 680 x 990 x 800
Weight (monitor and PC not included) 78 kg
Operating temperature range 20°± 2°C
Power supply 115 to 220 Vac ±10% 50 to 60 hz

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
X and Y quick release system
Focus length fine setting, manua
Profile illumination (episcopic illumination with 1 green LED)
High-resolution colour camera
Red laser pointer
Motorised zoom (20x to 130x on a 15″ monitor)
Episcopic ring light (48 white LEDs)

Per Owner: “It was last calibrated in 2019 but I regularly use gage blocks to confirm accuracy.”