Toyoda FH450S 12 Pallet FMS – 2017

Toyoda FH450S Horizontal Machining Center with full 4th axis

1.2 15,000 RPM High Speed Spindle (50 ~ 15,000 RPM 30/25 HP)
1.3 Big Plus modification
1.4 Two Hundred Eighty (280) Matrix Magazine
1.5 Laser Tool Measurement System Automatic Measurement of Tool Length, Diameter & Broken Tool
Detection Probe Head Mounted in the Lower Right Hand Corner of Work Envelope. Work Envelope
Restriction or Loss of (200mm) 8.858″ Renishaw RMP60 (Radio Transmission) Probe
1.6 Multi Step Skip Function (Required when more than one of the following; Toyoda Conductive System,
Spindle Probe, Tool Measure System Installations is Ordered).
1.7 Tool Offset pairs (400) In Lieu of 99 Sets
1.8 Overhead Coolant Shower
1.9 Hand Held Splash Gun
1.10 Part Program Storage Capacity (20480M) In Lieu of 320M $
1.11 Operation Supporter – OP20T (See OP Supporter Supplement for Additional Options)
1.12 Workpiece Coordinate System – 48 Sets
1.13 AI Precision Control II (Reduces Block Processing Time to 2 ms, Increases Buffer to 200 blocks)
1.14 FH450S 2 Level, 1 Machine System, 12 Pallets,
1 Load / Unload Station – Level II Cell Controller Hardware,
FMS and RGV Integration