Tsugami B0125-III – 2020

Tsugami B0125III CNC Swiss-Type Lathe
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Maximum Machining Diameter .5” (12.7mm)
Maximum Headstock stroke 8.26″ (210mm)
Maximum Main Spindle Speed 12,000 rpm
Live Tool Spindle Speed 8,000 rpm
Total Tool Positions 21
Sub Spindle Maximum Machining Diameter .5” (12.7mm)
Sub Spindle Front Ejection maximum length 3.9″ (100mm)
Sub Spindle Speed 12,000 rpm
Max Tool Spindle Slotting Cutter Diameter 1.18” (30mm)
Rapid Traverse Rate 32 M/min
Input Power 11.0 KVA
Compressed Air Requirements 60psi
Weight 4,409 lbs. (2,000 Kg)
Coolant Tank Capacity 180L (47 Gal.)
Width x Depth x Height 65” x 44” x 67”

Main Spindle 3.0 hp (1.5/2.2 kW)
Sub Spindle 3.0 hp (1.5/2.2 kW)
Axes Motors .67 hp (.5 kW)
Live Tool .67 hp (.5 kW)
Coolant 0.36 hp (.25 kW)

Mountable Tools
Gang Tool Post (Turning) 5
Gang Tool Post (Live) 4
Front Drilling 4
Back Drilling 4 / 8 max

Tooling Size
Turning Tools 1/2″ square
Main Spindle ER Collet Holders 20mm Dia.
Sub Spindle ER Collet Holders 20mm Dia.

Main Spindle Collet TF 24
Sub Spindle Collet TF 24
Guide Bushing TSG20R
Live Tool Collet ER16/ER11

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Fanuc Series Oi-TF CNC Control

Centralized Lubrication System with Oil Level Detector
Chucker Kit
Red/Yellow/Green Patrol Light System
Oscilliation Cutting Function
Trimist Mist Collection System
MP Systems High Pressure Coolant Pump for Oil: 8 Port up to 2000 PSI
Edge Ranger 112; 12’ Feeder with Capacity 1.5mm – 15mm