Tsugami B038TE 9-Axis lathe – 2016


Max. Bar Stock 38 mm
Number of Axes 9
Sliding Headstock/Guide Bushing Yes
Convertible Run w/o Guide Bushing (Chucker) No
Tool Positions (std/max) 45 Max.
Live Tool Positions (std/max) (Turret) 8 Rotary Tools
Control Fanuc 31i-B
Main Spindle Speed 200-5,000 RPM
Sub Spindle Speed 200-7,000 RPM
Live Tool Speed 200-8,000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor 7.5/11 kW
Weight (approx) 6,200 kg
Footprint (wxdxh) 3247x1875x1840 mm
Machining Range Main Spindle
Max. Chucking Barstock Dia. 8-38 mm
Max. Machining length 250 mm
Max. Drilling Dia 16 mm
Max. Tapping Dia M14
Back Spindle Turret
Max. Spindle Chucking Dia 38 mm
Max. Spindle Drilling Dia 16 mm
Max. Spindle Tapping size M12
Front Tool Post
Max. Cross Drilling Dia 10 mm
Max. Cross Tapping size Dia M6
Max. Rotary Tool Drilling Dia 16 mm
Max. Rotary Tool Tapping size M10
Back Tool Post
Max. Rotary Tool Drilling Dia 8 mm
Max. Rotary Tool Tapping Size M6
Max. Fixed Tool Drilling Dia 10 mm
Max. Fixed Tool Tapping Size M10
Machine Capacity
Main Spindle speed 200-5000 RPM
Back Spindle Speed 200-7000 RPM
Cross Drill Speed on Front Post 200-5000 RPM
Total Tool Number (standard spec) 200-8000 RPM
Main & Back Spindle INdexing C-Axis
Main Spindle 7.5/11 kW
Back Spindle 3.7/5.5 kW
Live Tool on Front Tool Post 1 kW
Live Tool on Turret 1.4 kW
Live Tool on Back tool post 1 kW
Coolant pump 0.4 kW
Lubricating Pump 3 W
Compressed air requirement 0.5 MPa or above
Air discharge rate 100 NL/min
Power source requirements 45 kVA
Total Tool Storage Capacity
Turret 8 stations (4×8=32 sta)
Front tool post (standard) Turning 7
Front tool post Turning 3
Cross drill 3 (optional)
Tool size
Turret 20mmx20mmx125mm
Front tool post 16mmx16mmx125mm
Rapid Traverse rate
X1,X2,X3 24m/min
Y1,Y2,Y3 24m/min
Z1,Z2,Z3 24m/min

Equipped With
Fanuc 31iB CNC Controls
Special Packaged Options
Signal tower 3-stage, Work Conveyor,
Chip Conveyor (flat type), Work front discharge with M-code oil blow
Turret Coolant piping with M-code oil blow
C-Axis Control for Main & Back Spindle
Tool Box, N.4 Drill Holder (diam. 32, turret/ref .3262-H01A)
(2) 2-Drill Holder (diam 25×2), (5) Turning Holder (20 sq)
Front Holder (20 sq), (2) Cross Drill Head
3-Spindle Cross Drill + 3 Pos. OD Tools
(6) Drill Holder for Back Tool post
(2) 2-Turning Holder, (2) Power Drill Head
Rigid Tapping Function (3-Cross, Turret tool, back tool)
Helical & Cylindrical interpolation
Polar Coordinate Interpolation
Handle retrace function, European display
Main Spindle adaptor (Schaublin 76-00740 F37 Max Diam 32)
Sub Spindle adaptor (Scahublin 76-00740 F37 Max diam 32)
Guide Bush adaptor (Neukonm 28.001 max diam 32)
M-Code oil blow (Turret, Ejector, main Spindle, Back Spindle, Back Tool post)
Coolant block for back tool post
(3) Back adaptor (diam. 25), Bar feeder interface, R232C Interface
High Pressure Coolant 1,5W (2MPa)
Main Spindle adaptor (for Dunner F47/37 AC or Tsugami 2601-1234 max diam 38)
Back Spindle adaptor (for Dunner F48/38 AC or Tsugami 2601-5230 max diam 38)
Guide Bush adaptor (for Dunner B240 or Tsugami 2621-1234 max diam 38)
Record-S Magazine Type Bar Feeder