Vytek L-Star LST4810HD 450 Watt Laser – 2016

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Vytek LStar LST4810HD Series 450 Watt Laser Engraving and Cutting System
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
-Work Area 49” x 122”
-450 Watt C02 Laser and Chiller
-Horizontally Monted Hybrid Flying Optic Beam Delivery
-Hydraulic Lift Table with 10” Vertical Adjustment Integrated with 4-Zone Downdraft Fume Extraction Ports,
Adjustable Aluminum Slat/Blades Support Surface, Honeycomb Cutting Deck Ready, Integrated Drop Through
Clean out Doors
-Integrated Industrial PC with Job Manger Interface
-32-Bit Motion Electronics with Ethernet Interface
-High-Speed Precision Brushless Servo Drive System
-Remote Pendant with Pendant Pedestal
-Telescopic head assembly with 1.25” of adjustment
-Optic Cleaning Kit & Maintenace Kit
-Beam Alignment Kit

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Updraft Fume Extraction
2.0” Lens and Holder
4.0” Lens and Holder
7.5” Lens and Holder
Honeycomb Table Insert
Automatic Air Assist
Updraft Fume Manifold
5HP Fume Pump
**LaserWorx Basic Software
**Raster Engraving Software Suite
**Liscences may need to be purchased for Software use