Yasda YBM-10T 5-Axis HMC – 2011

Yasda YBM-10T (YBM-10TTH-100RP) 5-Axis Precision CNC Horizontal Machining Center
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Table Working Surface 39.37” x 39.37”
Table Working Capacity 11,000 lbs
X-Axis Travel 59.06”
Y-Axis Travel 59.06”
Z-Axis Travel 70.87”
A-Axis Travel 5 to -95 Degrees
B-Axis Travel 360 Deg.
Min. Indexing Angle 0.0001 Degree A, B Axis
Max Swing Dia of Work Piece 53.15”
Spindle Speed 8000 RPM
Spindle Drive Motor 40 HP (30 min)
Tool Stations 120 ATC
Spindle Taper CAT50 Big Plus
Spindle Bearing Diameter 3.5”
Rapid Traverse X: 1771 IPM, Y,Z: 629 IPM
Feedrate XYZ: 196 IPM, B: 360 Deg/min, A: 2160 Deg/m
Machine Weight 79,000 lbs

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Fanuc 31i-A5 CNC Control
Automatic Pallet Changer with One Pallet (Rotary Shuttle Type)
CAT Type Spindle
Big Plus Type Spindle
APC L/U Station
Tool Loading/Unloading Device (Manual)
2 speed ATC for heavy tool (30kg)
120 tools automatic tool stocker with additional 60 tools magazine frame
5-axis tool center point control (TPC) system
5-axis work coordinate setting macro program
Quick Program Restart Function
Tilted Working Plane Command with Guidance
Cutting Point Command
Tool Posture Control
HAS-3 High Speed Machining System
Jerk control