Zhafir VENUS VE400/080 – 2012


2012  Zhafir Model (Venus) VE 400 / 080 – 45 US Tons – C Screw (1.60 oz)

Injection Molding Machine

Specifications (subject to buyer verification):


Clamping force 400 kN

Toggle stroke 235 mm

Min. mold height 150 mm

Max. mold height 320 mm

Max. mold opening stroke 555 mm

Space between tie bars 320 x 280 mm

Min. mold dimension 205 x 180 mm

Ejector stroke 60 mm

Ejector force 9.8 (1.0) kN (tf)

Mold platen dimension 470 x 420 mm


Injection Unit 80  (C Spec)

Screw Diameter26 mm

Screw L/D ratio17 mm

Shot Size (Theoreti9cal)50 cm3

Injection Weight (PS)45.5 g

Injection Speed150 mm/s

Injection Rate (PS)72 g/s

Injection Pressure157 mpa / 1600 bar

Holding  Pressure125 MPa / 1270 bar

Screw Speed400 RPM

Plasticizing Capacity (PS)8.8 g/s

Nozzle Touch Force9.8 (1.0) KN (tf)

Nozzle Movement Distance290 mm

Heating Power5.4 kW


Connection Power12 KW/21.4A

Hopper Capacity15 l

Machine Dimension141” x 49” x 68”

Machine Weight2.8 tons

Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):

45 Tons

(C) Screw (1.6 oz)

Sold New in 2012