Used CNC Boring Mills & VTLs


What They Do: CNC boring mills make (or bore) holes in a piece of material. The table type is considered the most common and versatile of boring mills, but there are also planer and floor types for horizontal milling machines. A horizontal boring mill bores holes in a horizontal direction.

Benefits of CNC Horizontal Boring Mills:

  • Versatile for heavy-duty or high-precision components
  • Popular CNC Horizontal Boring Mill Brands: Kuraki boring mills, Toshiba boring mills, Giddings and Lewis boring mills (G&L), Awea boring mills, Bullard boring mills, Cincinnati boring mills, Doosan boring mills, Femco boring mills, Mighty Viper boring mills, Milltronics boring mills, SNK Nissin boring mills, Ikegai boring mills and Wotan boring mills


What They Do: Also referred to as vertical turning lathes, vertical boring mills make holes in a vertical direction. These machining centers typically include CNC controls for rotary, horizontal worktables and a cross rail mounted above the worktable.

Benefits of CNC Vertical Boring Mills:

  • Capable of handling heavier and awkward-shaped workpieces
  • Popular CNC Vertical Boring Mill Brands: Doosan boring mills, Hyundai-Wia boring mills, You Ji boring mills, Mazak boring mills, Giddings and Lewis boring mills (G&L), Toshiba boring mills, Bullard boring mills, Okuma boring mills, Okuma-Howa boring mills, Femco boring mills and Hankook boring mills