Industries Served

CNC machines are now an integral part of a huge number of shop functions and manufacturing processes. Few other innovations have as successfully revolutionized reductive manufacturing as numerical control. Of course, they often are a massive investment, so many shop managers choose a used CNC machine to maximize business profit.

The range of industries that see a strong return on investment from used CNC machines is too wide to list. The possibilities in prototyping alone are impossible to quantify.  However, the benefits that numerical control brings are particularly noteworthy for businesses in these fields:

  •       Aerospace
  •         Automotive
  •         Defense
  •         Manufacturing
  •         Medical

Unlimited Uses

While there were earlier examples, CNC machines started changing fabrication in major industries beginning in the 1960s. By the 1990s, it wasn’t feasible to compete in major industries without numerical control. Milling, drilling and cutting by hand became far too inefficient to remain practical beyond occasional use.

CNC machines are now used for almost every type of reductive fabrication done at the commercial or industrial level. The highest-quality machines can create virtually flawless surfaces and a huge variety of precision cuts.

If your shop can benefit from machining precision parts from a single block, boosting speed and precision or reducing waste from the destructive fabrication process, a used CNC machine may provide the highest return on your investment – provided it’s a proven, high-quality model and brand.  

Critical to Aerospace

Few other industries have benefited from numerical control devices than aerospace. Plus, no other industry has a greater need for flawless fabrication while using some of the most cutting-edge alloys on the planet. The degree of complexity is also extreme, with many jobs requiring 5-axis rotation and exceptionally low tolerances.

The price of the high-quality machines is often too much for many businesses, especially for startups and shops looking to expand. That’s why so many choose a used CNC machine for the best balance of price and precision.

Speed and Precision for Automotive

Shops with high volumes or who fabricate parts typically will see an excellent return on investment in a used CNC device. From engine and cylinder blocks to electrical housings and suspensions, a high-precision CNC machine can fabricate both rare items and rapidly manufacture your most popular parts.

Defense Demands Durability

The military is continuously innovating, and their need for extreme reliability combined with resiliency means using exceedingly durable alloys. They’re often far too difficult to cut using mechanical means, requiring plasma, lasers and electrical discharge CNC machines.

They can also create the tools and bits needed to maintain equipment throughout the defense realm. Virtually every other industry that can benefit from CNC machines is found in some capacity within the defense sector.

Modern Manufacturing Is All CNC

Computerized control means machines that run continuously with no variation in speed or quality – or a need for sleep. They’re literally essential to manufacturing at scale these days. Plus, they’re fantastic at producing limited-run and single-purpose items, such as tools, fasteners and housings, that can speed production. Sadly, budget-brand CNC machines don’t have the rugged construction that top brands have, requiring much more maintenance for high-volume fabrication.

Miracles of Medicine

CNC machines are a huge part of building exciting new medical devices and tools. Surgery requires incredible precision and trailblazing methods of ultra-miniaturization are giving engineers a whole new level of possibilities. Materials such as titanium are beneficial to medicine due to their being both durable and biocompatible with the human body, but they require heavy-duty equipment for fabrication.

The FDA has strict regulations for manufacturing bioimplants. Any company planning on building implants is required by the ISO to demonstrate consistency and that all devices meet the regulatory requirements.

So Many Others

Many other industries now regularly invest in CNC machines. These include:

  •       Signage
  •       Transportation
  •        Energy extraction
  •        Cabinetry and construction
  •        Musical instrument manufacturers

The Price of Success

How much does a used CNC machine cost? It depends on your needs, but the main purpose in buying a used machine is that you can get the full quality without the burdensome price. We can help you develop a list of everything you’ll require from the device, along with the specifications which will match not only your present needs, but any expected expansion in your business. 

The Key To Buying Used

When you’re purchasing used, you need to know you’re buying from a reputable supplier. At Premiere Equipment, we pride ourselves on our solid standing as the industry’s largest and most-established dealer, with more used CNC machines for sale than anyone else. We have virtually every size and specialize in the largest machines available, and we’re happy to answer your questions today. Contact us anytime for more information!