Used CNC Buyer’s Guide

While many industries could see a very impressive return on CNC machines, the up-front investment can be substantial. Fortunately, you can purchase a restored and certified used CNC machine at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Once you’ve decided to purchase a used CNC machine, you should consider a few factors in your decision. The more precisely you can match the machine to both present and future needs, the better return on the investment.

Types of Used CNC Machines

Just like new ones, used CNC machines are generally categorized into five types:

Milling machines

A CNC milling machine is the most common and typically the face of CNC devices. It shapes items and can drill, tap, cut, notch and shape as necessary.  

Lathe machines

A CNC lathe is usually a bit smaller and rotates the object around while it’s processed. It’s the reverse process of a drill press and is used for extreme precision compared to a hand lathe.

Drilling machines

A CNC drilling machine acts much like a drill press except it’s far more precise and rapid. More advanced ones will provide reaming, counterboring and tapping.

 Cutting machines

Cutting machines use a variety of methods to create pin-point cuts into many surfaces. They’re often geared toward specific materials that are more difficult to handle.

 Grinding machines

CNC grinders use a rotary wheel to abrade material with rotational friction. Like all CNC machines, they are much more precise than hand grinders and they’re also easier to program than other CNC machines.

There are further distinctions and types, of course, but broadly speaking, these are the basic categories. For instance, CNC cutters may be mechanical, plasma, laser or electrical discharge. Each CNC device will include one or more of these types.


Things to Consider When Buying Used

Machine Specifications

What size machine do you need? How fast does a piece need to be finished? What degree of precision is needed? Every type of CNC machine has different specs, but you must consider everything your production needs if you want to get the highest return on investment. 

Machine Axis

The number of axes is critical to the job you need done. 2 axis machines are two-dimensional while 3 axis ones move in three dimensions. There are 2.5, 4 and 5 axis machines as well. We can help you choose among the options.

Used CNC Machine Cost

How much does a used CNC machine cost? It depends on the type, condition and specifications. The benefit of purchasing used is that you can get name-brand quality without spending the price.

Required Service and Maintenance

Like all mechanical devices, used CNC machines require servicing to maintain their precision, safety and useful lifespan. Generally speaking, the more complex your machine is, the more service it’ll need. The ideal way to keep maintenance costs down is to purchase your device from a top dealer with a proven track record in selling and servicing used CNC machines.

Future Proofing

An industrial CNC machine is a serious investment. When you decide you need one, consider your needs in the near future. If an expansion or upgrade is on the table, we can help you choose the ideal size and type. 

Brand Quality

The brand of a CNC machine makes all the difference. A top brand is going to have a much longer life and retain its precision compared to the cheap brands. You’re going to depend on this machine to increase your income and expand your reputation, and you need industrial quality that simply can’t be found in budget machines with cheap cutters that quickly wear down.

Another advantage of buying used CNC machines is that the models and brands have had time in service, meaning you can be far more confident of a specific model’s track record for quality. You’ll have a better idea of the updates it’s capable of getting, too.

We only sell CNC brands that are thoroughly recognized as industry leaders. These include:

Dealer Reputation 

When buying a used cnc machine, you need to be certain that you’re dealing with an established reputation. As the largest used CNC machine seller in the world, we have over 30 years selling to industries worldwide. We’re a full-service dealer, including service and financing. We also have auctions and liquidation sales, so keep an eye out for a deal on quality used CNC machines for sale. 

We have a huge selection of used CNC machines and specialize in high end and large devices. With extra-wide bay doors and an enormous warehouse, we carry the biggest machines made.

Buying a used CNC is a great way to grow your business. It means you’re getting the most efficient balance of reliability and price, and no one beats Premier Equipment’s commitment to your satisfaction.