Haas vs. Mazak CNC Machines

Interested in purchasing a used CNC machine, but cannot decide between Haas and Mazak? These two CNC machine juggernauts have ruled the industry for some time, so it is natural to wonder which brand is ideal. To help you decide between a used Haas or used Mazak, check out our helpful guide!

Machinery Construction 

Haas is celebrated for creating “economical” CNC machines made with cast iron. Castings typically feature several “heavy ribs” that provide lathe tailstocks and headstocks with extra bulk to prevent issues such as damp vibrations and excessive flexing. And while new and used Haas CNC machines are high-quality, they are not considered heavy-duty. Instead, these machines are mainly used for “soft” projects, such as those featuring aluminum and other relatively pliable materials. Haas models also serve hobbyists and professionals who do not work on high-volume projects. 


Mazak machines feature solid cast iron bases and heavy-gauge external steel housing. The brand stands out against all competitors, including Haas, for this construction reason. An industry giant for over a century, Mazak’s super-solid construction makes their machines perfect for sizable jobs using tough materials. And while Mazak options are more expensive, they can cut through hard materials easily and precisely, and are known for being low-maintenance. The latter benefit helps keep your repair costs reasonable. 


Since these machines are considered significantly harder to use than Haas options, you might need to spend money on a personal training program or one for your employees. 



Operating a Haas CNC machine is not considered difficult, assuming you have the right experience. Such machines include clearly-labeled keypads, which avoids having to write down and remember assorted encrypted codes. Even if you do not have prior CNC machining experience, Haas controls are known for being easy to learn. These machines are also equipped with advanced features, such as automatic tool changers. 


Mazak technology includes numerous software solutions, such as the Mazak SmartBox created in 2015 with the tech brand Cisco. The SmartBox monitors your machine while also providing security and analytic updates. If you have an older Mazak model, the SmartBox should still be able to provide monitoring assistance. 

There are currently five versions of Mazak controllers available, each of which offers a different application. Some enhance machining accuracy and speed, while others expedite cycle times and provide position-controlled hobbing.


Customer Support


There is a wealth of online Haas resources to pull from, including how-to guides, mill operator manuals, and troubleshooting tutorials. If you need to schedule repairs with a Haas technician, visit a factory outlet location. It is always best to have an authorized Haas technician do the work instead of a third party. 


Like Haas, Mazak provides numerous training resources, including online programming classes and other web-based classes through its partnership with Tooling U-SME. If you prefer on-site training, you can register for classes at one of the brand’s technology centers. There are numerous centers throughout the U.S., allowing you to locate one relatively near your home or business. If you need to call or chat online about a machining issue, you’ll work with a factory-trained representative. However, the Mazak customer service network is not as widespread as Haas’s.


Return on Investment

Both Haas and Mazak machines offer several key benefits that make choosing either a worthy investment, depending on your needs. Let’s break down the ROI for these brands further: 


  • Superior tech that seriously decreases cycle times–possibly up to 50%
  • High-quality parts and components that last for years instead of breaking down prematurely
  • Improved productivity with the right experience and know-how
  • Multi-task machining options
  • Precision cutting
  • High-speed machining




  • Affordable machines that recoup investment costs quickly
  • Easy-to-use tech that does not require extensive training 
  • Excellent machine reliability so long as you focus on soft material-related projects
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Model versatility


What’s Best For You?

The right CNC machine for you simply depends on your current needs! Perhaps you operate a small business that works exclusively with softer materials, or maybe your enterprise has expanded over the last few years and a heavy-duty CNC machine is necessary. Think critically about what you require to make an informed buying decision! 

Browse Haas and Mazak CNC machines at Premier Equipment today. Contact us today to learn more! 

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