The Premier Equipment Mechanical Engineering Scholarship

Are you interested in pursuing a career in CNC machining or engineering? Consider applying for the Premier Equipment mechanical engineering scholarship! Our $2,000 annual scholarship is available to engineering students or anyone who desires a career in the CNC machining industry. Learn more about our college scholarship and the career options machining/mechanical engineering offers today! 

An Easy-Apply Scholarship

All U.S. based students interested in CNC machining or mechanical engineering careers are encouraged to apply for the Premier Equipment scholarship. The money can be put towards tuition, textbooks and supplies, room and board, or other college expenses. This easy-apply scholarship requires including the following information: 


  • SAT and or ACT scores
  • Personal essay detailing why you are the ideal mechanical engineering scholarship candidate


We also require you to fill out our online application. Once we review every application, we select a scholarship recipient based on factors such as financial need, character and personality, and academic performance. Apply today!

Mechanical Engineer Career Options

In the past, mechanical engineers mainly went into manufacturing to work on projects such as designing assorted appliances and other home products. Today’s mechanical engineers enjoy many more career options, including: 

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Business executive
  • Sales engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Technology specialist
  • Thermal engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Management consultant
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Patent lawyer
  • Production engineer
  • Project lead
  • Project manager
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Construction engineer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Intellectual property attorney
  • Product designer
  • Quality engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Biomedical engineer

Earning a mechanical engineering degree is subsequently a way to broaden career horizons and work in numerous fields, depending on your goals and interests. 

“To use a sports analogy, a mechanical engineer is the utility player of the engineering world,” Tony Sanger, a senior vice president at the Turner & Townsend multinational consulting firm, wrote to U.S. News & World Report. “The opportunities are endless.”

CNC Machinist Career Options

As with mechanical engineering, the CNC machining industry offers numerous career possibilities. In addition to CNC machinist and programming careers, those who specialize in this niche industry can take on jobs such as: 


  • Set-Up Machinist, or the individual who sets up CNC machines. This job requires a thorough understanding of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, as well as how to adjust CNC machine controllers. These professionals are often invaluable in terms of new and used CNC machine sales.
  • Long-Term Operator. An entry-level position, this job allows machinists to hone their machine operation skills and acquire valuable experience. 
  • Manager. As you gain more experience and learn new skills, you could become a CNC machine manager. Such people train team members in CNC machine company protocols, machine usage, and safety procedures. They also order parts, assign tasks and projects, oversee employee work, maintain the machinery, and update repair records. 


Additional CNC machinist career options include: 


  • Firearms
  • Electronics
  • Optical
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Commercial
  • Marine
  • Oil and gas

Fill Out Our College Scholarship Application Today! 

If you are interested in our engineering and machining scholarship, why not get started today? We love to see the next generation of students interested in machining and engineering careers. Our team is here to answer any questions you have. We look forward to reviewing your application and best of luck with your college journey! 

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