What You Can Make and Sell With a Used CNC Machine

CNC machines can be really expensive, but the number of things you can do with them makes them a great investment. Professional-grade CNC machines may not be in your business or personal budget, but a used Mazak is still a top-quality CNC and can handle whatever load you place on it. Used CNC machines might be the path forward for making money, and the following ideas can help with using your CNC machine for extra cash.

Multi-Material Opportunities for Used CNC Machine Programs

A milling machine can cut and engrave on a variety of materials, both metallic and non-metallic. With great efficiency, a CNC machine can craft things out of a number of wood, plastic or metal materials including:

  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • Plexiglass
  • Acrylic
  • Brass
  • Aluminum

Given this diversity, your project opportunities are only limited by your creativity. Each of these project ideas has a niche market and will bring extra money out of your CNC investment.

1. Wooden Signs

You can easily create fabulous first impressions for local business offices, homes or other organizations by creating custom wooden signs. Thanks to programming and detailed cutting abilities, you can craft signs with letting, logos and other elements to make one-of-a-kind designs.

2. Technology Protectors

Everyone wants a durable, protective case for their cell phone or tablet, and with your CNC machine, you can custom create a beautiful case out of wood. It is one of the easier materials to work with for a case or jacket, as you can easily mill out the sections for a speaker, jack, camera or any other feature.

3. Phone Holder

You can use your milling machine to create a phone or tablet holder for a desk or other surface. Many individuals scour online shops for a unique design, but with your CNC machine, you can provide both a custom and quality case for top dollar. You can create a single design based on phone styles or you can take individual orders.

4. Portraits

You can target holiday and birthday shoppers with beautiful, intricate portrait projects. With the right design and clarity with images, you can mill out a portrait that could be either realistic or abstract from wood or metal. This gift would be difficult to find in the average retail or gift store, making your product one that is sure to stand out on the market.

5. CNC Machine Parts

Even though you can mill and sell products to the general public, you can also use your used Mazak to craft replacement parts for your equipment. Creating spare parts means you will never get caught without something you need, but you can also make enough to sell to other CNC operators or machine shops around town.

6. Gate or Door Screens

Both commercial and residential property owners are always looking for ways to help their location stand out from the neighbors and improve curb appeal. Custom screens and patterns milled onto both metal and wooden materials can be used to decorate property gates, fences and doors without minimizing security needs.

7. Custom Jewelry

Put your CNC machining skills to good use in the fashion industry. There are limitless opportunities with custom jewelry, as you can choose from a variety of wood or metal materials to make beautiful, wearable works of art. A CNC machine can produce cufflinks, bracelets, rings, necklaces, tie clips and more.

Your Home for Used CNC Machinery for Sale

If you are ready to expand your income potential without breaking your bank account for a brand-new CNC machine, use the selection at Premier Equipment to get started. A used CNC machine will deliver high-quality results and give you the opportunity to make a little extra money through unique products. Order yours today.

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