AXYZ 4026 Series with Vacuum Deck CNC Router – 2015

AXYZ 4026 Series with Vacuum Deck CNC Router
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
4026 Series with Vacuum Deck
60″ x 312″ process area, 6″ Z axis clearance.
Single piece fully welded tubular steel base construction including leveling feet and caster wheels.
Extruded aluminum table top with zoned vacuum and T slot clamping system. Dual rack & pinion drives
on X axis with linear rails and bearings. Single rack & pinion on Y axis with dual profile linear slides and
bearings. Z axis driven by ballscrew.
Tool Tip Sensor for fast and accurate setting of tool lengths. Machine toolbox with tools for basic
machine maintenance.
A2MC Control System
The A2MC Control system allows for much smoother and faster motion based on SCurve
(Seven Segment Velocity) trajectories. It is fully NC code compatible so it will
work with virtually any known CAM package including Artcam, Type 3, Enroute, and
The A2MC connects to your existing network through TCP/IP protocols so file transfer is
almost instantaneous from any workstation on your network.
1C – 2Z
To improve manufacturing efficiencies, two Z axes can be mounted on a single carriage
in order to allow two sets of tooling to be used within a single job without requiring an
automatic toolchange system. Each Z axis is independently driven and can be fitted with
the same or different tooling. Switching between tooling is quick and easily setup for full
programmatic control. Price includes extended length gantry.
Multi Purpose Tangential Knife
The Tangential Knife adds the robustness needed for heavier knife cutting applications than the vinyl knife can
accommodate. A selection of optional interchangeable cartridges are available which can accommodate standard knife
blades as well as pizza wheel cutters, creasing wheels and 45degree blades. The tangential knife can be used for cutting
styrene, composites, duct liner, X-board and many other materials. Watch video
Vinyl Knife Head
Used for large format vinyl cutting, cutting paper mask on acrylic sheets for painting, and for cutting sand blast mask. It mayalso be used for cutting vinyl on flex faced and vacuum formed pan signs. The vinyl cutting knife can easily be attached toany Z axis and as an added bonus, doubles as an effective pen plotter. Plotting pens and blades included
Tangential Knife Cartridge for Pizza Wheel
A custom cartridge has been designed to allow the use of an oversize rotary ‘Pizza Wheel’ blade which is necessary for
cutting through the 1″ insulation materials. Includes one blade.
9HP/6.8KW Busch Mink Vacuum Pump MM1252AV with starter
The Mink rotary claw pump is an ideal high performance solution for powerful vacuum hold down. It delivers a constant
vacuum and is therefore suitable for use in a variety of applications on all AXYZ Series Routers. The Mink pump and can berun continuously if required. The non-contacting design of the rotors leads to a longer pump life with low maintenance.
Auto Zone Management
This is a unique and highly configurable option which allows the AXYZ zoned vacuum system to operate in Live Deck,
Pendulum Processing or independent switching modes of operation. Live Deck will automatically activate and deactivate
zones according to the live position of the cutting head. This ensures the material is always held as securely as possible for best cutting results. Pendulum Processing mode allows the vacuum to switch between 2 virtual zones, usually the front and rear halves of the machine so that it can operate continuously for maximum production. For total manual control, individual zones can be switched through the zone manager. Watch video
6 x Precision Spoil Board
Moisture resistant MDF spoil board. This is mechanically fixed to the T slot bed and acts as a sacrificial diffuser. It can beskimmed to provide a stable and flat working surface and is user replaceable.
VCarve Pro
VCarve Pro is a powerful yet incredibly easy to use design and programming system for your AXYZ router. It contains all the tools you need for 2D machining as well as high end V-Carving features. Design and layout tools include true shape nesting, single line fonts for engraving, curve and arc fitting and many more. NC programs produced by VCarve Pro support ATC and can include advanced features such as tabs, ramping, pocketing, lead in/out and auto inlays. For more information or to download a trial version go to
130 x Cutting Mat (sq foot)
This 4mm thick cutting mat is anti static and self repairing. It should be used when cutting with any of the AXYZ knife toolsas it provides a firm base for a good cut edge but will not cause any damage to the knife blades themselves. Price is per square foot of mat.