Used CNC Vertical Mills

At Premier Equipment you will find an extensive Inventory of Used CNC Vertical Mills for all your machining needs. Our CNC vertical machining centers feature a vertically oriented spindle, allowing tools to cut directly down across the top of materials. This versatility lets them craft complex shapes with precision. With the option to add a rotary table, our machines offer 4-axis machining capabilities, enhancing their functionality. Perfect for any project, our Used CNC Vertical Mills are the ideal choice for efficiency and reliability.

At Premier Equipment, we carry only the best CNC Vertical Mills around in brands such as Haas, Doosan, Mazak, Okuma, Hyundai Wia, Kitamura, and many more.


Explore Our Range of Used CNC Vertical Mills

At Premier Equipment, our inventory is stocked with an extensive selection of Used CNC Vertical Mills, catering to all your complex machining needs. These machines, also known as Vertical Machining Centers or VMCs, are designed with a vertically oriented spindle. This unique feature allows for tools to directly cut down across the top of materials, offering unparalleled precision and flexibility in crafting complex shapes.

What They Do

CNC Vertical Mills operate with a vertically oriented spindle, empowering the tools to plunge straight down and skillfully cut across the top of a workpiece. This method, commonly referred to as milling, is performed by rotary cutters that meticulously remove material from the piece. This process lays the foundation for the exceptional versatility and efficiency these machines offer in metalworking.

Benefits of a CNC Vertical Milling Machine

  • Precision and Versatility: With the ability to add a rotary table, our Used CNC Vertical Mills provide 4-axis machining capabilities, allowing for intricate cuts and shapes from multiple angles.
  • Compact Design: Designed with a smaller footprint, these machines maximize the efficiency of your workspace, making them a perfect fit for any machine shop.
  • Cutting-edge Functionality: Whether it's metal at odd angles or unique shapes, these mills ensure each project is met with the precision and reliability necessary for top-tier results.

Popular CNC Vertical Machining Center Brands

Our inventory features world-renowned brands like Mazak, DMG Mori, Mori Seiki, and Okuma, among others. Each brand offers its unique advantages, catering to various machining requirements. From Haas to Doosan, Hyundai-Wia to Toyoda, our selection ensures you have access to the best in the industry. Explore verticals from Kitamura, Matsuura, Hurco, and more, ensuring a wide range of high-quality options to choose from.

Premier Equipment's Fresh Inventory

At Premier Equipment, we're dedicated to helping you find the ideal Used CNC Vertical Mill to meet your project's needs. Our inventory boasts machines that are meticulously selected for their efficiency, reliability, and the cutting-edge functionalities they offer. Whether you're looking to add versatility to your operations with 4-axis machining capabilities or maximize your shop's space with a compact, high-precision model, we have the right solution for you.