Used CNC Horizontal Mills

Explore our expansive selection of CNC Horizontal Mills and Used CNC Mills designed for a variety of machining needs. CNC mills involves a cutting tool that spins while moving back and forth across a workpiece, effectively removing material. Particularly, Horizontal mills feature spindles in a horizontal orientation, optimizing the cutting process. The Used CNC Horizontal Mills stand out for their ability to deliver the most efficient cutting performance, making them the stalwarts of the CNC machinery world. At Premier Equipment, we offer competitive pricing and expert guidance to assist you in finding the perfect Used CNC horizontal Mill for your project needs.

We carry all the brands you know such as Mazak, Doosan, Haas, Hyundai Wia, Okuma, and many more.


In the world of manufacturing and metalworking, CNC horizontal mills stand as a beacon of efficiency and precision. These sophisticated machines are designed to meet a wide variety of machining needs, from simple cuts to complex shapes. CNC horizontal mills operate with a cutting tool that spins at high speed, moving back and forth across a workpiece to remove material with unparalleled accuracy. Among the vast sea of CNC machinery, used CNC horizontal mills from Premier Equipment offer a golden opportunity to harness the power of top-tier machining at a fraction of the cost.

Leading Brands With Horizontal Mills

With options from leading brands like Mazak, DMG Mori, and Okuma, Premier Equipment's expansive selection ensures you'll find the perfect match for your specific project requirements. Not only do these machines excel in uninterrupted production work thanks to their horizontal orientation—which allows chips to fall away naturally, reducing downtime—but they also come with competitive pricing and expert guidance to make your buying decision smarter and more strategic.

Industries that use CNC Horizontal Mills

CNC horizontal mills, known for their versatility and precision, are essential tools in numerous industries for machining parts and components. These advanced machines enable precise and efficient cutting of materials into specific shapes and sizes, accommodating complex geometries with ease. This article provides an overview of the key industries that rely on CNC horizontal milling machines, highlighting their critical applications across various sectors. Whether for automotive, aerospace, or manufacturing, CNC horizontal mills play a pivotal role in producing high-quality parts.

  • Aerospace: Used for machining complex parts like engine mounts, fuel flow components, and landing gear parts. Precision is crucial in this industry due to the high-performance requirements of aerospace components.
  • Automotive: Employed for creating engine components, suspension parts, and other critical components that require high precision and durability. CNC horizontal mills can handle the production of both small and large parts efficiently.
  • Energy: Utilized in the manufacturing of components for wind turbines, solar panels, and other energy generation equipment. Parts such as gearboxes, housings, and other critical components can be machined to precise specifications.
  • Medical: Used for the production of medical devices and implants, such as joint replacements and surgical instruments. The ability to work with a variety of materials and maintain high precision is essential in this industry.
  • Defense: Involved in the manufacturing of components for military equipment and vehicles, including parts for firearms, vehicles, and aerospace applications. The need for precision and the ability to work with specialized materials are key factors.
  • Electronics: CNC mills are used to create housings, heat sinks, and other components that require precise machining and the ability to work with various materials, including metals and plastics.
  • Heavy Machinery: Used for machining large and heavy parts such as frames, gears, and components for construction and mining equipment. CNC horizontal mills can handle the size and weight of such parts efficiently.
  • Tool and Die: Employed in the creation of molds, dies, and other tooling required for the mass production of parts. Precision and the ability to work with hard materials are critical in this industry.

Premier Equipment can help

Whether you're looking to expand your capabilities or upgrade your workshop, exploring the world of used CNC horizontal mills at Premier Equipment is a step toward unlocking greater efficiency and productivity.