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Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the U.S. and the biggest builder of CNC Machines in the world. Premier Equipment has the  largest and most up-to-date used Haas CNC inventory on the web. As CNC machine experts we can help you find the used Haas CNC machine that fits your needs.

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American Innovation at Its Best

Haas Automation stands as a beacon of American ingenuity in the manufacturing sector, having carved its niche since its inception in 1983. Founded in Oxnard, California, Haas Automation embarked on its mission with a simple yet innovative product - the Haas 5C Collet Indexer. This device wasn't just another piece of machinery; it was the first fully automatic and programmable collet indexer, setting the stage for the groundbreaking advancements that would follow.

A Leap into Machining Centers

By 1987, Haas turned its attention towards vertical machining centers, birthing a machine capable of performing multiple operations simultaneously - from drilling and tapping to milling and boring. At a time when the notion of acquiring such functionality for under $50,000 was scoffed at by industry experts, Haas not only proved it possible but did so without compromising on quality. This pioneering machine laid the foundation for what would become a comprehensive lineup of CNC machinery, including vertical and horizontal mills and CNC lathes, all proudly manufactured in the USA.

Continuing the Legacy of Excellence

Today, Haas continues to redefine the machining industry, offering a wide range of high-quality, American-made CNC machines at competitive prices. Whether you're a small job shop or a large manufacturing firm, Haas' commitment to innovation, reliability, and value ensures that you have access to equipment that meets your precise needs. From the initial 5C Collet Indexer to the sophisticated machining centers of today, Haas Automation remains a pillar of excellence in the world of CNC machinery.

The Most Popular Haas CNC Machines

Haas Automation's product lineup spans a vast range of CNC machinery that caters to various manufacturing requirements. Below are some of the most purchased Haas models, each known for its reliability, efficiency, and advanced features that keep them at the forefront of the machining industry.

VF Series - The Workhorse of the Industry

The VF Series represents Haas's flagship line of vertical machining centers. Known for its versatility, the VF series offers a variety of models with differing capacities and capabilities, making them suitable for a wide array of machining operations. The VF-2, in particular, is celebrated for its balance of size, power, and precision, providing a perfect solution for most machining needs.

ST Series - State-of-the-Art Turning Centers

Haas's ST series of CNC lathes combines high performance with ease of operation. The ST-10, for instance, offers great functionality in a compact design, making it an ideal choice for shops with limited space but high standards for quality and efficiency.

UMC Series - Advanced 5-Axis Machining

For those tackling complex parts that require multi-sided machining, the UMC series offers a range of 5-axis machining centers that allow for precision and flexibility. The UMC-750 stands out as a favored option due to its comprehensive capabilities and user-friendly interface, enabling users to achieve intricate designs with ease.

TL Series - Precision Toolroom Lathes

Ideal for toolroom applications, the TL Series provides accuracy and flexibility. The TL-1 is a prime example, embodying Haas's commitment to quality and affordability. Its easy-to-use manual/CNC interface facilitates a seamless transition for those accustomed to manual lathes but desiring the advantages of CNC operations.

Each model within Haas's extensive product range upholds the company's tradition of American innovation and manufacturing excellence, ensuring that whatever your machining needs, Haas Automation has a high-performing, durable solution.

CNC Lathes (2-Axis & Multi-axis)

  • Haas HL-1
  • Haas HL-2
  • Haas HL-3
  • Haas HL-4
  • Haas GT-20
  • Haas TL-1
  • Haas TL-2
  • Haas TL-3
  • Haas TL-3B
  • Haas TL-4
  • Haas DS-30
  • Haas SL-10
  • Haas SL-20
  • Haas SL-30
  • Haas SL-40
  • Haas ST-10
  • Haas ST-20
  • Haas ST-30
  • Haas ST-40

CNC Vertical Machining Center & Vertical Milling Machines

  • Haas VF-1
  • Haas VF-2
  • Haas VF-3
  • Haas VF-3SS
  • Haas VF-4
  • Haas VF-4SS
  • Haas VF-5
  • Haas VF-5SS
  • Haas VF-6
  • Haas VF-7
  • Haas VF-8
  • Haas VF-9
  • Haas VF-10
  • Haas VF-11
  • Haas VM-2
  • Haas VM-3
  • Haas VM-6
  • Haas MDC-500
  • Haas TM-1
  • Haas TM-2
  • Haas TM-3

CNC Horizontal Machining Center

  • Haas EC-300
  • Haas EC-400
  • Haas EC-400PP
  • Haas EC-500
  • Haas EC-1600
  • Haas EC-2000
  • Haas EC-5-4AX
  • Haas HS-1
  • Haas HS-1RP
  • Haas HS-3
  • Haas HS-2
  • Haas HS-4
  • Haas HS-6
  • Haas HS-7