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Okuma machine tools are built to help shop owners gain a competitive advantage due to long lasting abilities. Premier Equipment is proud to house the largest and most up-to-date selection of used Okuma CNC machines since 1988. Contact one of our CNC experts today!

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Used Okuma CNC Machines

Okuma is a leading global manufacturer of CNC machines, specializing in CNC Lathes, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, and CNC Horizontal Machining Centers. With a rich history dating back to 1898 when the Okuma founder Eiichi Okuma started a noodle-making machine company in Japan, Okuma has grown to become the trusted name in CNC machine tools.

The extensive range of CNC machines that Okuma has manufactured includes 2-axis lathes, multi-axis CNC lathes, and multi-axis CNC machining centers. Okuma goes beyond the ordinary by blending master craftsmanship with top tier technology to create extraordinary products. Whether you're running a large operation or operating a small shop, Okuma recognizes the significance of optimizing productivity. That's why every Okuma machine tool is meticulously engineered for enduring performance, guaranteeing long-term value and the most cost-effective production.

If you're in the market for used Okuma CNC machines, look no further than Premier Equipment. We offer a wide selection of high-quality Okuma machines at competitive prices. Contact our CNC experts today to find the perfect machine for your needs.

Below is guide of the different models that Okuma has introduced throughout their years in business.

CNC Lathes (2-Axis & Multi-axis)

  • Okuma LB10
  • Okuma Crown-E
  • Okuma Crown L1420
  • Okuma Space Turn LB300
  • Okuma Space Turn LB400
  • Okuma LB400
  • Okuma LB2000EX
  • Okuma LB2500EX
  • Okuma LB3000EX
  • Okuma LB4000EX
  • Okuma LB35II
  • Okuma LB45II
  • Okuma LU15
  • Okuma LU25
  • Okuma LC50
  • Okuma LC20
  • Okuma LC30
  • Okuma LCC15H
  • Okuma LCC15-2S
  • Okuma LT15
  • Okuma LT10
  • Okuma LAW1S/2S
  • Okuma LU300
  • Okuma LU45
  • Okuma LU35
  • Okuma LT-2000EX
  • Macturn250
  • Macturn350
  • Macturn550
  • Okuma V40R
  • Okuma V60R
  • Okuma V80R
  • Okuma V100R
  • Okuma VTC-65

CNC Flat-Bed Lathes

  • Okuma LH-35N
  • Okuma LH55-N

CNC Vertical Machining Center

  • Okuma Cadet-Mate
  • Okuma MX-45VAE
  • Okuma MC40A
  • Okuma MC-50VA
  • Okuma MC-60VA
  • Okuma MC-60VAE
  • Okuma MX-45VB
  • Okuma MX-55A/B
  • Okuma MC-40VA
  • Okuma MC-40VB
  • Okuma MC-V4020
  • Okuma MB-46V
  • Okuma MB-56V
  • Okuma MB-66V
  • Okuma MU-400V
  • Okuma MU-500V
  • Okuma MA-550V
  • Okuma MA-650V
  • Okuma Millac-44V
  • Okuma Millac-761V
  • Okuma Millac-852V

CNC Horizontal Machining Center

  • Okuma MA-400HA
  • Okuma MC-500H
  • Okuma MC-600H
  • Okuma MA-400H
  • Okuma MA-500H
  • Okuma MA-600H
  • Okuma MA-800H
  • Okuma MB-4000H
  • Okuma MB-5000H
  • Okuma MB-8000H
  • Okuma Millac-44H
  • Okuma MILLAC-800VH
  • Okuma MILLAC-1000VH
  • Okuma MX-40HA
  • Okuma MX-50HB
  • Okuma MX-60HB
  • Okuma MC-800H