Brother TC-32BN QT with Nachi Robot – 2016

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Brother TC32BNQT (with Two-Face Pallet Changer) CNC Drill & Tap
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
X axis Travel 21.7”
Y axis Travel 15.7”
Z axis Travel 16.3”
Distance between table top and spindle nose end 25.4”
Work area size 23.6” x 16.7” (one side)
Maximum loading capacity (uniform load) 441 lbs (one side)
Spindle speed 16-16,000 RPM
Speed during tapping Max 8000 RPM
Tapered hole #30
Rapid traverse rate X x Y x Z axes 2755 IPM
Cutting feed rate .04 – 787 IPM
Tool shank type BT30
Tool storage capacity 40 ATC
Max. tool length 7.9”
Tool to Tool .9 sec
Chip to Chip 2.0 sec
Main spindle motor (10min./continuous) 13/10 HP
Machine height 93” (Robot not included)
Required floor space (with control unit door opened) 75” x 145” (Robot not included)
Machine weight 10,000 lbs (Robot not included)

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
CNC-B00 CNC Control
Dual Pallet
Nikken Tilting Rotary Table on One Side and a Hydraulic Power Pac on the Other
40 ATC
16,000 RPM Spindle
Nachi Robot for Loading and Unloading

Manual Pulse Generator
Work light kit (2) lights with brackets
Extended I/O board 32/32 (PNP)
Flume system for TC-32Bn
Jet Stream Mini Jet 1000PSI CTS pump
Amano MZ-15 Mist collector
Renishaw OMP40-2 OTS Package
Nachi MZ07L from Automation
Atlas 5C Rotary
Hydraulic Power Pack, P/N YZ-0004
Nikken 5AX-130BAYA-BR-QT
Nikken Custom Sub plate
Framing to include gravity Feed, Flip Station, and Enclosure
Quick change mounting
End of Arm Tooling
Adaptor Plate for Nikken Indexer to Atlas 5C Chuck
Pneumatics 5C chuck control and valve
Collet stop for Bar stop
Hydraulic hose and fittings
Wire set for hydraulic power unit
Control relay and wiring for Hydraulic control