Deckel Maho DMU50 5-Axis – 2007


DIMENSIONS 140” L x 111” W x 105’’ H
WEIGHT 10,000 Lbs.
Clamping surface of integrated swivel rotary table (B & C axes): 19.7″ x 24.8″
Swivel range: minus 5, plus 110 degrees
Maximum table load capacity: 440.9 Lbs.
X-axis travel: 19.7’’
Y-axis travel: 17.72’’
Z-axis travel: 15.74’’
Spindle taper: CAT 40
Spindle speed range: 20 to 10,000 R.P.M.
Number of stations in automatic tool changer: 16
Maximum tool weight: 13.2 Lbs.
Maximum tool diameter, adjacent pocket empty: 5.1″
Maximum tool diameter, adjacent pocket filled: 3.1″
Maximum tool length (from spindle nose): 11.8″
Rapid traverse feed rate, all axes: 944.4 I.P.M.
‘Spindle On’ hour meter reads: 10,022


SIEMENS 840D five-axis CNC control with “ERGOline” Windows (XP) based operating system, processing from the hard drive, “Solutionline” 3-D control, 15″ screen, RS-232 & USB ports, remote control pendant with manual pulse generator (electronic handwheel) and manual control panel

Integrated and motorized swivel rotary table (B & C axes) with hydraulic clamping
(16) Position automatic tool changer
Direct measuring system on X,Y, & Z axes
Digitally controlled AC motors on all axes
Digitally controlled direct drive AC spindle drive motor with water cooling
Roller guideways in all linear axes
Full enclosure of the machining area
Swarf conveyor
Swarf gun for swarf removal
Self-contained coolant tank with pump
Central lubrication system
17.43/12.1 H.P. (40% D.C. / 100% D.C.) spindle drive motor
Machine manuals
(4) Leveling pads
Multi-tap electrical transformer
Machine is wired for 3/60/400 volt operation.