DMG Deckel Maho DMC100U duoBlock – 2011

DMG Deckel Maho DMC 100U duoBlock
CNC 5-Axis Machining Center

Table Clamping Surface: 43.3″ X 35.8″
Table Indexing: .001 degree
Maximum table load: 4,400 Pounds
Maximum X-Travel: 39.3″
Maximum Y-Travel: 49.2″
Maximum Z-Travel: 39.3″
Maximum rotation speed of the table: 30 rpm
Spindle Speed (Maximum): 12,000 rpm
Spindle Taper: HSK-A 100
Spindle Motor: 70 HP
Resolution of the measurement system: 3.93″
Tool Changer: 80 ATC

Universal Milling Head with Controlled B Axis (P-W0277)
Integrated Motor Spindle SK50 / 12000 RPM (P-W0345)
HSK100 (P-M0069)
Infrared Measuring Probe Type Renishaw Probe PP60 (OMP 60) SK50 (P-K0221)
Tool Measuring in Measuring in Machining are Type Blum Laser NT-Hybrid Automatic Retract (P-K0228)
3D quickSET,Tool kit control and compensation of the cinematic accuracy of 5 axis config (P-K0224)
Cooling Media / Chip Removal (P-G0004)
iTNC 530/MillPlus IT CNC, MPG Hand Wheel
80 Position Automatic Tool Changer