DMG Mori CTX Beta 800TC – 2015

DMG Mori CTX Beta 800TC

Main Spindle Chuck 10″
Maximum Swing 19.7″
Maximum Cutting Diameter 19.7″
Maximum Machining Length 31.5″
Main Spindle HP 45 HP
Main Spindle RPM 5000 RPM
Main Spindle Bore 2.6″
Spindle Taper Capto 6
Milling Spindle HP 30 HP
Milling Spindle RPM 12,000 RPM
Number of Tool Stations 24 ATC
Maximum Tool Diameter 3.1″
Max Tool Adjacent Pockets Empty 4.9″
Maximum Tool Length 11.8″
Maximum Tool Weight 15.4 lb
X Axis Travel 18.9″
Y Axis Travel +/- 3.9″
Z Axis Travel 33.3″
B Axis Travel +/- 110 DEG
Rapid Traverse Rate X 1417 IPM
Rapid Traverse Rate Y 1574 IPM
Rapid Traverse Rate Z 1574 IPM

Equipped With:

4-color Signal Light
3D Model of Working Area
DMGMori Smartkey turning/milling
DMGMori Smartkey Masterkey
Chip Conveyor
Chuck Rinsing
New Kesller Spindle (Due December)