Haas VR-8 – 2007

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HAAS VR8 5-Axis CNC Mill
X-Axis: 64″
Y-Axis: 40″
Z-Axis: 30″
Rapid Traverse Rates: 600 Inch Per Minute
Cutting Feed Rates: 500 Inch Per Minute
Spindle Nose to Table (Min.- Max.): 4″ – 34″
Length: 64″
Width: 36″
Number of Std T-Slots: 7
T-Slot Width: 5/8″
Max Weight on Table: 4000 lbs
Taper Size: 40
Speed Range: 15000 RPM
Spindle Power: 30 HP
Vector Dual Drive Max Torque: 90ft-lb @2000 RPM
Automatic Tool Changer:
Capacity: 32
Max Tool Weight: 12 lbs
Max Tool Dia: 2.5″
Max Tool Length: 16″
Tool Changing Time: 2.8 Seconds
Air Required: 100 psi, 4 scfm
Power: 220v / 66FLA / 3-Phase
Overall Dimensions: 193″ x 120″ x 130″ High
Weight: 24800 lbs
Haas 5 AXIS CNC Control
Articulating Spindle Head
15000 RPM Inline Direct Drive Spindle
32 Station Automatic tool changer
5-axis simultaneous machining
Linear Scale
High Speed Machining
High Intensity Lighting
Hand Wheel MPG Control
Auxiliary Home Button
USB Port
16 MB Extended Memory
Rigid Tapping
Quick Code Programming
Programmable Coolant
Telescopic way covers
Automatic Chip Auger