Hexagon Absolute Arm 8525 7-Axis – 2019

Hexagon Absolute Arm 8525 7-Axis
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
7-Axis Arm with 2.5 m Measurement Volume, Includes:
• Absolute Encoders and SMART Sensors
• Zero-G Counterbalance with SmartLock and HomeDock
• Wrist Display
• Haptic Feedback
• Spin Knob and Spin Grip
• Base Plate with Mounting Ring
• TESA TKJ Ball Probes: 3 mm Ruby / 6 mm Ruby / 15 mm
• Certified Length Standard
• Certified Sphere for Probing
• RDS Maintenance and Interface Software
• Travel Case and Accessory Case
• Power supply
• Hexagon Dust Cover
RS5 Kit
RS5 Laser Scanner for Scanning in Standard Mode (with
Pistol Grip) or in Compact Mode (without Pistol Grip). Removable Pistol Grip for Probing in Standard Mode (with
Pistol Grip) or in Compact Mode (without Pistol Grip) Includes:
• RS5 Laser Scanner
• Nose Cone
• 3 sizes of Pistol Grip Handles: Small / Medium / Large
• The medium size grip is mounted on to Pistol Grip main
• ODU-USB cable 3m
• ODU-twin cable – 3m
• Certified Sphere for Probing and Scanning
• System Scanning Certification Report of the complete
System Arm with Scanner
Control Pack 3
Wireless Scanning Pack (CP3) shipped fully configured and
mounted to the arm The Control Pack 3 provides:
• USB interface for contact and tube probes
• Wired scanner interface (all scanners except HP-L-20.8)
• Stand-alone wireless interface for contact and tube probes
• Stand-alone wireless scanning functionality for the RS5 laser scanner
PC-DMIS CAD++ Scanning / Mesh
Includes: RDS interface (ROY-I-RDS-A), Hexagon Scanning
Probe Interface for HP-L-20.8, Scanning Auto Features, Full
COP support, XACT GD+T, IGES / DXF / DWG / STEP203 /
STEP 214 / VDAFS / XYZIJK / DES and DMISI/O translators,
STL Mesh Creation and Inspection, PC-DMIS provided with LMS license.