LNS Quick Load Servo 80 Barfeed – 2011

LNS Quick Load Servo 80 Automatic Barfeed
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Minimum/Maximum Barstock Diameter: 1/4″ to 3-1/8″
(Restricted by spindle or chuck thru-hole capacity)
Minimum/Maximum Barstock Length: 14″ to 63″
(Restricted to bar length contained within machine)
Bar Magazine Storage Tray Length: 23″

– Front Load or Rear Load Available from the factory.
– Z or X Axis Retract System Permitting Barfeed to be moved
up to 23″ for Spindle Access.
– Icon Remote Prompting Control for Easy Operations.
– Automatic Torque and Feed Rate Adjustment by Bar Dia.
– Barstock Load and Positioning by Servo Drive With or
Without Turret Stop.
– Automatic Bar Centerline Adjustment by Remote Control.

SPECIAL NOTE: When feeding out bar without using a turret
stop a chucking system must be used that maintains
bar position. Ex. True length collet chuck, 3-jaw, etc.
When using a turret stop a drawtube push to close chuck
system must be used. EX. 3-jaw, true length, self cont