Mazak HCN-4000III – 2016

Mazak HCN4000III / Mazak Horizontal Center Nexus 4000III CNC Horizontal Machining Center

X 22.05″
Y 24.8″
Z 25.2″
POWER 47 hp
RPM 18,000 RPM
# ATC 120
PALLET-W 15.75″
PALLET-L 15.75″
X Axis stroke (column travel right/left) 22.0″
Y Axis stroke spindle head travel up/down 25.2″
Z Axis stroke (pallet forward/backward) 25.2″
Distance from pallet center to spindle nose 2.8″-28.0″
Table indexing time 1.3 sec each 90 deg
Max. Spindle speed 18,000 RPM
Spindle bearing size 70mm
Rapid traverse rate (X,Y,Z Axes) limited w/cont. axis mov. 2,362 IPM
Axis acceleration/deceleration 1G
Automatic Tool Changer:
Tool storage capacity 60 Tools
Max. Tool diameter/length (from gauge line)/weight 6.7″
Tool selection method (Random selection @) Shortest path
Tool change time (chip to chip) 2.4 sec.
Spindle motor 25/23 HP
Flood coolant pump motor 50/60 HZ
Machine size 87″x207″x106.8″H
Machine weight 23,584 lbs
25 HP Main Spindle Drive Motor

Mazatrol Matrix Nexus 2 CNC Control
Flood Coolant System
Work Light
One set of Adjusting Tools
Foundation kit (Block, Fixture)
Mazak Standard Color (F Whites/s Black)
The safety Measures on worldwide level
Y Axis Travel 25.20″ & 2 Pallet changer
19″ Color LCD (Touch Screen)
Power Transformer for other Markets
Main Spindle Motor AC 18.5 Kw (25 HP)
Spindle Chiller Unit, Absolute Positioning System
Standard Tap Pallet (w/o Edge Locators)
Safety cover for 2 Pallet Changer
Coolers for Ball Screw (X,Y,Z-Axis), Roller Guides
Air Through Spindle Systems (Spndl Stop), Niagara Coolant (Recommended Equipment)
Operator Door Interlock with Lock-Switch, Auto Power on/off + Warm-up
ATC & APC Auto Recovery, Tool ID Magazine Panel (Touch panel)
Enclosed Coolant & Splash Cover
Prep. for Chip Conveyor Rear (Consep-1)
Smooth Standard Software, User macro (Common variables; 600 pairs)
Mazak Tapping/Boring Tornado (Mazatrol & EIA/ISO)
EIA/ISO Code Input Function (Standard), Add. EIA/ISO Functions (Re.IEA/ISO)
Inverse Time Feed, G37.Automatic Tool-length Measurement
Sequence number comparison Stop Function
Background Tool Path Check, Add. Workpiece Coordinate Sys. 300-Pairs
Thread Cutting Function, EIA Pattern Cycle (Grid, ARC)
USB I/F (1-Port), Lan Port, Accuracy Inspection
Relocation Detector & Additional Reinforcement for transport
Auto Tool length measure. & Break Detector
Manual pulse generator (wired/detachable), Hi-Press Coolant thru sys (15KG (213 PSI))
Chip Conveyor side Dispo, (CONSEP-1) N/A6PC
B)Synchronized Tapping & B) Cylindrical Interpolation (RQR.NCRT)
Signal Tower (3 Colors lights, Square), 60 Tool Drum magazine (Random Memory)
Spindle Speed 18,000 RPM (Random memory) & NC Rotary Table (360,000 Positions)