Mazak Mega Turn 500M VTL – 2017

Mazak Mega Turn 500M CNC VTL with Milling
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Max. swing:    27.56″
Max. machining diameter:  19.69″
Max. machining height:  18.19″
Max. loading capacity:  1100 lbs
X axis:    13.5″
Z axis:    20.375″
Distance from spindle face to turret face: 6.5″ ~ 26.75″
Chuck size:
Spindle speed:  3000 rpm
Max. torque:    596 ft • lbs
Min. indexing abgle increment (C axis) :    0.0001°
Spindle nose:    A2-11
Type:    10-position drum turret (Bolt-on)??
Number of tools:  10 tools??
Rotary tool
spindle Spindle speed:  4000 rpm
Max. torque:    70 ft • lbs
Max. capability:    Drill: ø25 mm (ø1″) /  Endmill: ø25 mm (ø1″) / Tap: M24x3 (1 UNC)
Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):
Smooth G control
Table max. speed 3000 rpm
Mill spindle max speed 4000 rpm
Chip conveyor
All Available Milling holders