Microlution 5100-S High-Speed 5-Axis (2011)

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5-Axis CNC Micro Milling Machine

Specifications (subject to buyer verification):

footprint (W x D x H)65″ x 40″ x 84″


WEIGHT 5,500 lbs (2,500 kg)



X-Axis: 3.94″ (100mm)

Y-Axis: 3.94″ (100mm)

Z-Axis: 3.94″ (100mm)


ATC:  60


Alfred-Jager spindle featuring a max speed:  100,000 rpm


Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):

Linear motor driven X,Y,Z Translational Axes — 2G max acceleration

Heidenhain glass scale encoders for position feedback

Precision ground granite base

Automatic Tool Changing system

Automatic tool sensor

Delta-Tau open source CNC control

Interprets standard Fanuc G-Code

Active thermal control system

PC-based, touch screen operated software interface

Standard machine guarding

Pendant with handwheel and E-Stop

Compartment for additional electronic accessories

Flood and air blast coolant system

Electrically driven, hybrid ceramic bearing Alfred-Jager spindle featuring a max speed of 100,000 rpm  and automatic-collet based tool holding system

Automatic Tool Changing system 60 Pocket system supporting tools from 0.0004″ to 0.125″ in diameter

Door for access to tool carousel during program and be-directional tool access

Blum Laser Automatic Tool Sensor

The laser tool sensor provides both length and diameter measurement capabilities for tools as  small as .001″ in diameter

Thermal Control system

Chilled water active thermal control system

Flood and air blast coolant system

Rotary Table