NAKAMURA-TOME STS40 Lathes, CNC (3-Axis or More)

CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control Fanuc 18iTB CNC Control
Max Swing Over Slant Bed 24″
Max Turning Capacity 22.44″
Max Turning Capacity Over Cross Slide 18.5″
Max Distance Between Spindles 74″
Max Turning Length 60″
X1-Axis (Cross Travel of Universal Head) 24″
Z1-Axis (Longitudinal Travel of Universal Head) 63″
Y-Axis (Travel of Universal Head) (Y1-Axis) (+3.94 -3.55) 7.49″
B-Axis (Rotation of Universal Head) (+100 to -100) 200°
W-Axis (Sub-Spindle Slide) 63.2″
X2-Axis (Cross Travel of Lower Turret) 10.82″
Z2-Axis (Longitudinal Travel of Lower Turret) (Z2-Axis) 63″
C1-Axis .001°
C2-Axis .001°
Main Spindle Bore 2.8″
Main Spindle Nose A1-8
Main Spindle Speed Range 20-3500 RPM
Main Spindle Horsepower 30 HP
Sub-Spindle Speed Range 20-3500 RPM
Sub-Spindle Horsepower 30 HP
B-Axis Milling Head Speed Range 50-6000 RPM
B-Axis Milling Head Horsepower 19.5 HP
Automatic Tool Changer Capacity 40
Live Tooling Speed Range 90-6000 RPM
Live Tooling Horsepower 7.5 HP
Universal Head Spindle Taper KM63
Lower Turret Positions 12
Approximate Machine Dimensions 266″ x 137″
Approximate Machine Height 126″
Approximate Machine Weight 52,600 LBS

Equipped With
Fanuc 18iTB CNC Control, Upper Universal Head with Milling and Turning Capacity, 40 Station Automatic Tool Changer, Lower 12 Position Turret with Live Tooling, Y-Axis on Upper Universal Head, Full Contouring B-Axis Head Swivel, Main Spindle and Sub-Spindle Both Have C-Axis, Probe Ready, Chip Conveyor and Coolant System.