OKUMA LT-2000EXBB-2T2MY – 2016

Okuma LT2000EXBB/SB-2T2MY Two Turrets
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Swing Over Saddle15.75”
Distance Between Noses37.79”
Max Turning Dia.8.26”
Max Work Length5.1”
Left Spindle Big Bore NoseA2-6
Left Spindle Speed5000 RPM
Left Spindle Bore3.15”
Left Motor30/20 HP
Right Spindle Speed50 – 6000 RPM
Sub Spindle BoreR: 2.44”
X-axis Trave Upper Xz and Lower XB8.07”
Z Axis Za and Zb 27.55”
Y Axis YA and YB 3.7” (YA= +1.96” / -1.77”) (YB= -1.96” / +1.77”)
Equipped With  (subject to buyer verification):
Barfeeder I/F Universal Type
Big Bore A2-6 W/O Chk Pkg Left
Conveyor, Side Hinge High Type
CYL/DTUBE Pkg Main BB, SR1670
Part Unloader, Built-In Type
Shower Coolant A Type
Spindle Motor Upgrd 22/15KW
Touchsetter A Left & Right Tool
Helical Cutting for MY Only
FMB Turbo 5-65 Bar Feeder 12 foot WITH 3 Channel Set
1000 psi coolant thru both turret
4 Sets of M codes