Orbotech Infinex 3500SR AOI for PCB – 2007

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Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems identity defects in printed circuit board (PCB) layers during production, enabling defective layers to be repaired or removed from the production line.

The InFinex is an AOI system for the inspection of PCGs. The InFinex inspects both inner and outer layers of PCBs for a large variety of manufacturing defects at various stages of production including:
· Shorts and cuts
· Conductor Edge roughness
· Violations of minim spacing width
· Violations of minim line width
· Missing and added pads
· Pad violations and deformed pads
· Reductions and protrusions in up to six conductor widths
· Defects in SMT pads
· Pinholes in conductors
· Copper splashes
· Dishdowns
· Nicks
· Distortion and inaccurate registration of the board
· Width violations and breakout of annular rings
· Missing and plugged holds
· Clearance NFP, and thermal pad violations in power and ground panels

To detect and report defects in PCBs during production, the InFinex does the following:
– Optically scans the panel
– Acquires an image of the panel
– Analyzes the image, comparing it to a learned panel
– Registers and reports detected defects