Phantom CNC Systems TIR 5×10 w/Rotary CNC Router – 2023

Phantom CNC Systems TIR 5×10 with Full Length Rotary CNC Router
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
This is our TIR series 5’x10’ CNC with full length Rotary. This is our most industrial unit
Extremely Heavy Duty Welded Frame and High Speed Delta 750watt Servo Motors.
Machine Voltage 220V 1PH 3 Wire 60HZ 50 Amp
Working area
X Y axis: 5ft x 10ft
Z axis: 11.8 inch
Vacuum Table
Bakelite Vacuum Table Surface
Multi-Zone Vac Table
T-Slot Clamping Table
Reference Pins: Pneumatic Piston Reference Pins
Machine Structure:  Extreme Duty Fully Welded Steel Frames
Spindle:  Air cooled spindle 16.1 HP VFD
Tool Cooling:  Oil-Mist Cooling System
Inverter:  220V Single Phase 4.5KW
Motion Supports
Linear guide XZ
Linear guide Y
Ball screw Z
Rack 1.25M Taiwan J&T /Rack has dustcover
Motor and Drive:  High Speed Delta 750watt Servo Motors
Control System:  Pendant Control System for easy controls
Auto Tool Changer (ATC) : Pneumatic 8 Tool Changer
Tool Sensor:  Touch probe for Z axis zero
Lubrications System:   Manual Lubrication system with pump
Vacuum Rotary Vane Pumps:   30 Amp 220V Single Phase
Rotary 4th Axis:   Full length Rotary 300mm Chuck, Welded Frame
Machine Weight:   3500 (5×10) lbs
Vacuum pump, compressors, and dust collector included if wanted.
Vacuum Pump: Vacuum Pump 7.5KW ¬ 220V ¬ 1PH ¬ 60HZ with VFD
Dust Collector: Grizzly 1/2 HP Wall Mount with HEPA Filter
Compressors: I run two 26 gallon compressors tied together for the ATC and rollers.