Sodick VL600QH LN2W EDM – 2017

Sodick VL600QH LN2W

X-Axis 23.62″
Y-Axis 15.75″
Z-Axis 19.69
U,V-Axis 3.54″ x 3.54″
Work Tank Dimensions 40.94″ x 30.71″
Max WP Weight 1,874 lbs.
Machine Tool Dimensions 118.89″ x 102.56″ x 100.0″
Machine Tool Weight 7,275 lbs.

LN2W Control 15.1″ LCD Touch Screen
Fixed Jet High Speed AWT
Rigid Linear Motor Drives X,Y,U,V Axis
Glass Scale Feedback X,Y,U,V Axis
Improved Surface Finish Circuit
Ceramic Components
Wire Tip Disposal Unit
Z Axis Automatic Dielectric Fluid Level Control
Advanced Tension Servo Control
FTII (Precision Pick-Up Function)
High Speed Electrolysis
USB and LAN Connection Port
Remote Hand Control and Mouse
Dielectric Cooling Unit
Motion Controller
Wire: .01” (.25 mm)