Takamaz XW-130 with Auto Load – 2015

Takamaz XW130 for sale
CNC Twin Spindle Turning Center with GTH150 Auto Loading System
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Chuck size 8 × 2 inch
Spindle bearing I.D. 3.93”
Spindle speed Max. 4,000 RPM
Turret 8-station turret × 2
Max.stroke X:5.9” / Z: 6.29”
Rapid traverse rate X: 944 IPM / Z: 944 IPM
Spindle motor 15/10 HP
L × W 88” x 85”

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
FANUC 0i-TD Control
4,000RPM; 11kw/15min; A2-6 Spindle Nose
GTH150 Gantry Loading System with Dedicated L Hand (OP 10/10 or 10/20 Part Flow) (Part Turn Station Included)
IN/OUT – 16 Station Rotary Stocker System