Tsugami B0205-II Swiss Lathe – 2014

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Tsugami B0205-II 5-Axis Swiss Type Lathe / Tsugami B205II
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Machining Capacity, Machining Range
Working Barstock Diameter ø3 mm (.12 in.) to ø20 mm (.79 in.)
Max. Machining Length 210 mm (8.26 in.)
45 mm (1.77 in.) (Guide Bushless)
Max. Main Spindle Drilling Diameter ø10 mm (.39 in.)
Max. Main Spindle Tapping Diameter M10
Max. Back Spindle Chucking Diameter ø20 mm (.79 in.)
Max. Back Spindle Drilling Diameter ø8 mm (.31 in.)
Max. Back Spindle Tapping Diameter M8

Main Spindle Speed 200 to 10,000 min-1
Back Spindle Speed 200 to 12,000 min-1 (10,000 max with ejector rod)
Total Tool Storage Capacity (Standard / Max.: Option) 21
Tool Size .5 in. x .5 in. x 3.35 in.
Rapid Traverse Rate 32 m/min (105 ft/min) [(X1/Y1: 24 m/min (78.74 ft/min)] Y2: 15m/min (49 ft/min)
Controlled axes (linear axes) 5-axis
Rotary Axis Main/Back Spindle Full “C”

Main Spindle 2.2/3.7 kW (5HP)
Back Spindle 1.5/2.2 kW (3HP)
Axis 0.5 kW (X1,X2,Y1,Z1,Z2) 0.5 kW (X1,X2,Y1,Y2,Z1,Z2)

Net Weight 2,000 kg (4409.25 lbs.) )
Width x Depth x Height 1,655 x 1,125 x 1,700mm (65.16 x 44.29 x 66.93 in.)

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Fanuc Series OiTD
Back Spindle
Chip Conveyor
LNS Express 320 Barfeed
MP Systems High pressure pump for oil. Model Type: AT V-2 H08 SD.
Chucker kit
Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression System (Still charged, no cert tag)