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For nearly five decades, AMADA AMERICA, INC. has been at the forefront of the sheet metal fabrication industry, continually advancing the technology and machinery that shapes the way we work with metal. With a firm foundation in both Seattle, Washington, and Buena Park, California, AMADA’s innovation-driven approach, focused on maximizing productivity through customer feedback, has made it a pivotal player globally.

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Used AMADA Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

Leading Innovation in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Amada, a name synonymous with cutting-edge technology in the sheet metal fabrication industry, has been setting the global standard for performance and reliability. Founded in 1946 as Amada Co., Ltd in Japan, and establishing AMADA AMERICA, INC. in Seattle, Washington in 1971 before moving to Buena Park, California in 1973, this pioneering company has dedicated decades to innovating and refining manufacturing and automation solutions. The core mission at AMADA is clear: to maximize the productivity of their customers. This is achieved through a commitment to listening to customer feedback and adapting to meet their evolving needs.

From Japan to America: A Legacy of Excellence

Originally established as a Japanese manufacturer, AMADA brought to the market an outstanding range of quality metal cutting, forming, shearing, and punching machines. Transitioning to the American market, AMADA successfully positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of sheet metal machines, delivering unparalleled technology to the shores of the United States. The company's expansive product line features high-precision tools such as Amada CNC machines, Amada Punch Presses, Amada Press Brakes, CNC engravers, and CNC laser cutters.

Commitment to Innovation and Productivity

For nearly five decades, AMADA AMERICA, INC. has led the charge in advancing sheet metal fabrication technology. The company's innovative approach, grounded in listening and responding to customer feedback, ensures that each product development cycle brings about solutions that enhance productivity and deliver superior results. Whether you are in the market for cutting-edge CNC technology or robust punching machines, AMADA's blend of craftsmanship and technological prowess makes it a go-to source for sheet metal fabrication needs.

If you're considering enhancing your production capabilities with AMADA machinery, our team is on hand to guide you through selecting the right used sheet metal fabrication machines to meet your production requirements. Trust in AMADA's legacy of excellence and innovation to propel your manufacturing processes into the future.