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Citizen Machinery, renowned for its innovation and precision, stands at the forefront of CNC technology. With a rich history that spans over decades, Citizen has set the standard for reliability, efficiency, and advanced technological integration in the manufacturing of CNC machines. Known for their exceptional Swiss-style lathes and machining centers, Citizen machines provide unparalleled accuracy and productivity, making them a preferred choice for manufacturers across various industries.

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Used Citizen CNC Machines

Unmatched Precision and Innovation

Citizen Machinery, a leader in CNC technology, has been pioneering the industry with its exceptional Swiss-style lathes and machining centers since 1961. Their dedication to precision, efficiency, and technological advancement has made Citizen CNC machines the go-to choice for manufacturers requiring the utmost accuracy and productivity in their operations.

Historical Excellence

Originating from a background in watchmaking, Citizen has honed its craft over decades, perfecting machines capable of creating the intricate parts required in watch production and beyond. The acquisition of Miyano Machinery in 2010 further solidified their position in the market, bringing together two powerhouses of precision manufacturing.

Global Support Network

With Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc. at the helm in New Jersey, Citizen ensures comprehensive support and service for both North and South American distributors. This backbone of support guarantees that every used Citizen CNC machine purchased through Premier Equipment comes with the assurance of quality and reliability.

Our Inventory

Premier Equipment, as the largest reseller of used CNC machines in the United States, offers an extensive selection of used Citizen CNC machines. Our inventory is a testament to Citizen's enduring commitment to excellence, providing our customers with an opportunity to significantly enhance their manufacturing capabilities at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Each machine is rigorously inspected to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


Investing in a used Citizen CNC machine from Premier Equipment is not just a cost-effective decision; it's a strategic move that solidifies your manufacturing operations with precision, efficiency, and reliability. Our selection offers the perfect blend of historical innovation and modern technology, backed by a support network designed to ensure your success. Explore our inventory today and take the first step towards optimizing your production capabilities with the unmatched quality of Citizen CNC machinery.


  • Citizen A20
  • Citizen A20-3F7s
  • Citizen B12
  • Citizen D25
  • Citizen K16E
  • Citizen L20
  • Citizen L32
  • Citizen M16
  • Citizen M20
  • Citizen M32
  • Citizen R-Series
  • Citizen B12EVI
  • Citizen D25-1MB
  • Citizen K16EVII
  • Citizen L12VII
  • Citizen L220VIII
  • Citizen L220X
  • Citizen L220XII
  • Citizen L32VIII
  • Citizen L32X
  • Citizen L32XII
  • Citizen M416V
  • Citizen M416VIII
  • Citizen M420V
  • Citizen M432III
  • Citizen M432VII
  • Citizen M432VIII
  • Citizen R04VI
  • Citizen R07VI
  • Citizen-Cincom
  • Citizen-Cincom A20
  • Citizen-Cincom A20-3F7s
  • Citizen-Cincom B12
  • Citizen-Cincom D25
  • Citizen-Cincom K16E
  • Citizen-Cincom L20
  • Citizen-Cincom L32
  • Citizen-Cincom M16
  • Citizen-Cincom M20
  • Citizen-Cincom M32
  • Citizen-Cincom R-Series
  • Citizen-Cincom B12EVI
  • Citizen-Cincom D25-1MB
  • Citizen-Cincom K16EVII
  • Citizen-Cincom L12VII
  • Citizen-Cincom L220VIII
  • Citizen-Cincom L220X
  • Citizen-Cincom L220XII
  • Citizen-Cincom L32VIII
  • Citizen-Cincom L32X
  • Citizen-Cincom L32XII
  • Citizen-Cincom M416V
  • Citizen-Cincom M416VIII
  • Citizen-Cincom M420V
  • Citizen-Cincom M432III
  • Citizen-Cincom M432VII
  • Citizen-Cincom M432VIII
  • Citizen-Cincom R04VI
  • Citizen-Cincom R07VI