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Discover the pinnacle of 5-axis machining with the DMG DMU Deckel from DMG Mori – a universal milling machine embodying the company’s expertise in high-quality CNC manufacturing. DMG Mori, a global CNC machine leader, introduces the DMU Series Universal Milling Machines for advanced 5-axis processing. The DMU Series stands out with its robust swivel rotary table, offering a swivel range of up to 110°. These machines cater to various needs, from educational purposes to high-end production, with spindle speeds up to 20,000 rpm. DMG Mori’s commitment to state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions is evident in the DMU Series. Premier Equipment offers the right Used Deckel CNC Machine for your requirements.

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Used DECKEL CNC Machines

The DMU Series Universal Milling Machines serve as a proficient gateway to 5-axis machining, delivering both cost-effective value and the capacity for 5-axis simultaneous processing. These machines boast a sturdy swivel rotary table with an impressive swivel range of up to 110°. With spindle speeds peaking at 20,000 rpm, the DMU Series proves versatile enough to cater to a broad spectrum of requirements—from educational applications to high-end production demands. This series underscores DMG Mori's dedication to furnishing cutting-edge manufacturing solutions tailored to diverse industry needs.